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Greyhound Coaches Owned By Sam Wilkes


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I have just found out from my Dad's Cousin in Canada that Dad's Grandad's Brother, Dave Wilkes, used to run a coach company called Greyhound. As far as I know he lived in Wolverhampton. Dave had Brother's named Sam (known as "Shocker", my Dad's Grandad) "Winky", Isiah and Tom. :)

Did anyone on this site know any of them or of the coach company? It may still be running today?! :rolleyes:


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That was a Bristol company, not Wolverhampton. Do you know the approximate dates that Dave Wilkes's company operated?


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There is no Dave Wilks, or any Wilkes associated with coaches,or the like, or greyhounds (other than pubs or dog racing) in the 1940 staffs Kellys


master brummie
Sorry I misunderstood your first post or didn't read it carefully enough. I thought he ran the company in Canada. :)Mo