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Grestone School Handsworth Wood


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British History Online tells us this about the schools

“GRESTONE COUNTY INFANTS' SCHOOL, Grestone Avenue, Handsworth Wood. Opened 1955 by Birm. C.B.C. Accom. 1961: 8 classrooms, hall

GRESTONE COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Grestone Avenue. Opened 1953 by Birm. C.B.C. for JI. Grestone (Temporary) Cty. Primary Sch. closed when it opened. Accom. 1961: 10 classrooms, hall.

GRESTONE (TEMPORARY) COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Somerset Road.Opened 1950 by Birm. C.B.C. in Somerset Rd. Methodist Church Hall, accom. 3 classes I. Additional accom. in church hall used from 1951. Closed on opening of permanent buildings 1953: see Grestone Cty. Primary Sch”

An end of term treat for pupils in July 1985: a trip on the Canal. Viv.