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great king street in the 50's


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hello susan...john has not been seen on the forum for a couple of years but i am sure we would all like to see your photo...


Susan D

proper brummie kid
Hello John,

generations of my direct, maternal ancestors lived in your house in Great King street for about 100 years, approximately from 1839 - 1939. They were probably its first and only residents up until they vacated it. My late mother told me that in winter one could quickly dry washing near the internal wall which backed onto the Bell pub as they had a big fire. There was a well in the yard. When she heard it was to be demolished, as a child, she took me to see it. My memory is a bit vague as it was so long ago but we went down the entry and turned left and it was in the corner if I recall correctly. She asked the lady who answered the door if we could go inside so I could see it, but she clearly wasn't comfortable with that, unsurprisingly, and said that her husband was asleep as he was a fireman who worked shifts so it wasn't convenient. I do have a picture of the entry that you requested if you are still interested

Gt King Street 1a.jpg
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