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Grandpa Jack

maggie may

knowlegable brummie
Hi! Folks,

Very long shot this but I'm wondering if anybody has stumbled across my Grandfather in old sports literature.

He was born Harold John Burton (known as Jack) in Handsworth in 1888 but a lot of his life was spent in Aston.

Apparently he was a well known local sportsman particularly in cricket and football.

With regard to the football we think that he may have played with a team called Aston Unity but I don't know where that information came from.

There was a pause in his local sporting activities when he served with the RAMC during WW1

maggie may

knowlegable brummie

We have now found a photograph of this team-possibly a copy of one that appeared in a newspaper.
The team was called ASTON MANOR FC winners of the Evelyn Cecil Shield 1911-12.The names on the back of the photo are;
Burnett (committee)-Bert Barratt-Jim Morris-Wright (quarry bank sec.)-J Bosworth trainer-Steve Elias-Harold J Burton-Fred Greaves-H Brooks-Jones (committee)-Dick Allday-George Bourne reserve-Burnett-Harry Mason

Old Boy

master brummie

Aston Unity are a wel known local cricket team. They play in the Birmingham Leaguie or, at least, used to.

Old Boy

maggie may

knowlegable brummie
Thank you. This is where Mum is confused.Grandpa was well known as a local sportsman both in cricket and football.

After finding the photo of the football team and realising that they were called Aston Manor FC I did wonder where Mum had got the name Aston Unity from-you have solved a puzzle


New Member
I found a John Henry Burton (poss related given the same surname) who played for Aston Unity Football Club then joined Aston Villa. Although Aston Unity are still a well know cricket club they also had one of the first football teams in Birmingham which ran from 1867 to 1908. They also contributed to the formation of the Birmingham FA. In the latter years it was suspected that some the cricket players also played for the football team.