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Google Chrome


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Has anyone had trouble with Google Chrome I did last night.
I went on Google to look for something and I got page after page of blank Google Chrome. I tried to stop it
but the more tried the more pages came. Till it said out of memory

In the end had I had to do a system restore.
I couldn't get Avast to work this morning so I've removed it.


master brummie
nor me. I do get the occasional glitch on my older PC but a reboot usually sorts it.


Alf I am also having serious issues with Google Chrome - not yet about to ditch it but close. I gave up on Avast and now run AVG again but can't recall why I gave on on Avast.


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Thanks for the feedback Dek, Adian & Bernie.

I am always using Google or Chrome but I've never had anything like that before

With Avast Bernie I was prompted to a to resign as my trail license was due for renewal and they seem to have changed everything and not for the better so I uninstalled it

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
I was on Google Chrome last night and when I tried to get my yahoo mail I kept getting a blank page. It is OK today though. Jean.


master brummie
I use Chrome on Linux and Windows - no problems it's my favourite browser, but make sure you have the latest version and I notice they are offering an update now. Click on the 'spanner' and then 'about'. I will go for it after this.
The other night 15th I think, someone on the forum said their Norton was a showing a suspect link on a site, and for the heck of it I put Windows on and clicked on every link. I did not see anything immediately, but 20 min later still looking at BHF, my Rapport flicked on and then Avast asked for something to be sent to their site for investigation - I sent it and went to bed.
Next day I ran a normal full Avast scan and nothing was found, but then decided to do Avast's 'Boot Time Scan' which means the computer has to restart and the scan proceeds before Windows starts - takes an hour plus. A virus was found and I locked it in the 'Virus Chest' as can be seen below. I'm not sure whether it was a nasty virus, or where it had come from - but a normal scan did not find it.
Off to get my update now..:)


Some time ago I downloaded it but never use it, don't see the point as my internet is always fast as lightning.:)