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Goodbye Max.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
My daughter in law phoned us from the emergency vets yesterday for moral support as her dear dog Max had had a massive stroke and the vet said there was only one kind thing to do. The awful thing is Steve our son and Anthony our grandson are at a music festival and Bev and Jemma had to make the awful decision. Steve and Anthony still do not know as Bev wants to tell them when they arrive home tomorrow. She didn't want them rushing home as she would worry about them too. This is Jemma with her beloved Max. R.I.P. Max.
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master brummie
So sorry to hear of this tragic loss to your family, Jean. I don't have pets but I do understand they become as close a blood relatives to those who love them. I hope they can come to terms with the fact this was the kindest action for Max, and remember the good times they had together.


master brummie
So sorry to hear about Max, as Lloyd says its like losing a family
member, at least it puts paid to anymore suffering.We have had several animals put to sleep over the years and if you are there with
them its a peaceful way to go. Take care now Jean, Bernard


Staff member
i too am sorry to hear of the loss of max jean...i think a lot of us can identify with sadness of losing a much loved pet who is also a part of the family..

lyn x

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Thanks all. I feel for Bev as she has to break the news when Steve and Anthony get home but they will know straight away when Max isn't at the door to welcome them.


master brummie
Very sorry to hear about Max, losing a pet is an awful experience, so sad, and it always breaks our hearts. There will be many tears I expect Jean.


true brummie
so sorry to hear this bad news Jean. You will all be very upset but im sure your daughter-in-law made the right decision for Max.


So sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter in laws family dog.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Thank you for all your kind thoughts. There has been a mix up between the vets and the crematorium and I will fill you in on it in the morning. It is so distressing for everyone, but am going to sort it for them. Bev came round with a card and a lovely bunch of flowers tonight. Our internet is down tomorrow as is our TV so it will be Wednesday before I will be back on the forum. Jean.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
There was a mix up yesterday as the vet said he was being picked up on Monday morning very early and when I phoned the crematoria he was not down as being an individual cremation. The other pets who are down for a communal cremation are not tagged. We phoned the vet and they said he was going to be picked up next Monday. I do hope they didn't send him without tags as his ashes would not be returned. Will keep you informed on this. They are an emergency vets and not Bev and Steve's own and were close to hand. Jean.