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Good music to listen to on U Tube


Brummie Dude
This is one of Elvis`s last recordings. The voice is fragile but still has that certain something.
smudge you made my day.. My mom went i in a record shop to buy that song. the assistant said what's it called? my mom did not know. so she said it goes,"The ship sails in the harbour" the lady laughed and said i know and got here the record. bless her.1586780344782.png


master brummie
Never knew about this band, but they don't sound too bad. Will have to listen to it all later. Thanks Dave A.
I'm slotting Tony Allen in this thread because he died this week. It reminds me of the days when an African guy moved in next door during the early 1970s. I was just a kid but I helped him put some shelves up for his exotic stereo system. I then flicked through his albums and it was revelatory - the start of a wild musical journey through Africa. My neighbour opened up another world to me and I have never looked back.



master brummie
Having a clear out and found this from my first holiday abroad. The original version in Spanish, scratches and all, worthless and no means of playing it but very nostalgic - sun, sea, and cheap drinks. Quite liked the B side too .



Master Barmmie
Del Shannon was in a Coventry in September 1963 with Gerry and the Pacemakers, Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, and the Bachelors. In Leicester in April with Johny Tillotson. Only 2 months in the Archives, Sep and April. So he was around the Midlands.