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Godfree & Hewitt Ltd Holloway Head


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Evening BHF Members,

It is Simon here, your friendly token collector based in Ipswich.

Have been to the Midland Coin Fair today and picked up a token with the following detail on it...

Godfree & Hewitt Ltd
MIoNE Flour
Holloway Head

Don't Lose Me Again
Take Me to Your Grocer & Get a Bag of MIoNE Flour Free

The one in MIoNE has a horizontal line over it, as if the O is also meant to be a T, making MITONE?

Does anyone know anything about the company, location or product?

As always, any help is appreciated




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Joseph Freeman Godfree was a baker at 5 Bullring in the 1880s till about 1911, when the firm became J.F,Godfree Ltd, with an additional shop at 108 High St, Kings Heath. Godfree and Hewitt, flour packers, appeared between about 1930 and 1923 at 46 Holloway Head. The firm of J.F. Hewitt was still going strong and possibly there was a connection. By 1931 (from Kellys 1932) they had moved to 109 Highgate St and were then described as flour packers and paper bag makers. by 1940 they also had a printing firm on a site in Ladywood, and also made other packaging. During WW2 they seem to have been mainly packaging manufacturers, and by the end of the war they described them selves as paper merchants. Unfortunately the online newspapers for Birmingham do not include any from 1919-1938, as there would probably be mention of them there.
Therefore the coin would be from the period 1921-1931
Below is a very bad aerial phot of the factory in Holloway Head (the building going accross the photo with the lines of windows)


  • aerial view no 46 Holloway head 1935.jpg
    aerial view no 46 Holloway head 1935.jpg
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