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Gertrude Ethel QUINCEY


Born a Brummie
Please, can someone look up on 1891 and 1901 census please

Gertrude Ethel QUINCEY b. 1886 her Father was

George James Harris QUINCEY b. 1859.

I believe there were several brothers and sisters of Gertrude.

I would be most grateful for any help.

Thank you.



not sure if this is it  :-\ George may have used his middle name?
Living Deakins Road Yardley (then in Worcestershire) 1901

James Quincey abt 1861  Coventry, Warwickshire, England Head  Yardley  Worcestershire  gun making machinist royal small arms.
Elizabeth Quincey abt 1862  Birmingham, Warwickshire, England Wife  Yardley  Worcestershire 
Gertrude Quincey abt 1886  Birmingham, Warwickshire, England Daughter  Yardley  Worcestershire 
Florence Quincey abt 1888  Birmingham, Warwickshire, England Daughter  Yardley  Worcestershire 
Harry Quincey abt 1889  Birmingham, Warwickshire, England Son  Yardley  Worcestershire 
John Quincey abt 1890  Birmingham, Warwickshire, England Son  Yardley  Worcestershire 
Gladys Quincey abt 1896  Birmingham, Warwickshire, England Daughter  Yardley  Worcestershire 

i'll have a better look in the morning

Nell x


Have just checked on the the 1881 census- and George was born in Coventry, so I think the above could be the right family.  O0


I will have another look in the morning- but so far it looks like they don't want to be found in 1891!

You may already have these- This is the family:
George James H Quincey married Elizabeth Weston in 1884 Aston (6d 386)
Daughter Gertrude Ethek Quincey born 1886 Aston
Daughter Florence Quincey - could not find birth in 1887/8
Son Harry Ernest Quincey born 1889 Aston 6d 227
Son John Thomas Quincey born 1895 Aston 6d 245

Judging by the children's births they were definately in Aston in 1891- but where!! ???

Hopefully we'll have better luck tomorrow. :flower:


Born a Brummie
Many, many thanks Nell. Yes they look like the family I am looking for and I think there maybe more children tucked away somewhere!!!!!

Is there an address too please?

I know that Gertrude lived at 143 Green Lane Small Heath after her marriage to James Henry Bott in 1910 and I am led to believe that she ran some kind of clothing shop, maybe a secondhand one?

Many thanks again for your time :)


Hello Rowan,

Had another quick look today and still can't find them in 1891  :(- but will let you know if I do.

Their address in 1901 was 4 Nelson Villas, Deakins Lane, Haymills, Yardley, Worcestershire

:bounce: Oh, just thought, do you have an address from Gertrudes birth certificate- maybe I could check if they're still at that same address in 1891. I think it is likely that their names have been mistranscibed in 1891- very frustrating!

Nell x


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
:angel: Couldn't resist one last go...

Warwickshire Ancestors Project — 1891
Transcript of Piece RG12/2410
Page 21 Folio 67 128,
"4 Victoria Tce, Herbert Road",
1,George Quincey,Head,M,30,,Machinist Fitter,Employed,Coventry Warwickshire,
,,,Elizth Quincey,Wife,M,,30,,,Birmingham Warwickshire,
,,,Gertrude Quincey,Dau,,,5,,,Birmingham Warwickshire,
,,,Harry Quincey,Son,,1,,,,Birmingham Warwickshire,
,,,Flor'ce Quincey,Dau,,,2,,,Birmingham Warwickshire,
,,,John Quincey,Son,,5m,,,,Birmingham Warwickshire,
Now I really am off for a while...

Good Luck Rowan

Chris :angel:


WOW! Chris you are good! :coolsmiley: That's been buggin me all day.

Nell :flower:


Born a Brummie
Thank you very much Chris for you kindness :-* :-* :angel: and you too Nell :-* :-* :angel:

I really do appreciate all your help, thank you


Born a Brummie
I've found Florence Lucy E b.Sept. 1888.

I feel sure it is the Florence that is on the census'

Also I think I have found other children that were born and died.

Thanks again to both Nell and Chris for their help :smitten: