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George Thomas Brueton (b1861)


master brummie
Another George Thomas Brueton lookup please. :wave:

This one is born 14th Feb 1861 in Well St I have found him in 1861C & 1871C but then lose him apart from his marriage to Maud Nichols in 10th Nov 1884 in Birmingham Registry office and that he gives address as James Watt Drive in 1886 for the death of his Father-in-Law.

Maud is shown as married with her mother-in-law and another widow in 1891 and shown as a widow in 1901 which makes me think that he perhaps dies (or possibly runs away) around this time. It is not the death in 1903.

So can anyone find him in the 1881C and what becomes of him after this? Many thanks
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I take it you have eliminated the coachbuilder, Thomas, boarding at 43 Swaton (?) st , Bromley St Leonard, Tower hamlets ?


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
If his father was Henry 59 and his mother Emma 57? I may have found him mis- transcribed 1881 as George aged 27 (rather than 20/21 ish) the head of the household living at 39 Suffolk St Birmingham, a Steel Pen Mkr .... there is also a neice Fanny Walker aged 11 living there.


master brummie
The Bruetons always seem to be mistranscribed, it is a real pain. George Thomas Brueton of 1861 was a Jewelcase Maker and silversmith in the Jewellery Quarter. His Parents were Thomas Brueton and Jane Bough but I have them in 1881 and he is not with them. Perhaps he hid on the night of the census but I have the feeling he must be in there somewhere.

Pomgolian - you have found my 3rd great grand uncle, thanks.

Mike - I hadn't seen the coachbuilder in London before. Right age and town of birth but unusually using his middle name and in unexpected place and occupation. Perhaps he tried to use his leather-over-wooden-framework skills in Jewelcase making in Coachbuilding and in London? Complicated by an unconnected Thomas Walter Brueton born in Birmingham in 1864. Not sure how I can verify but it seems to be a lead anyway - thanks
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master brummie
Dash it. I have just eliminated Thomas the Coachbuilder as he obviously remained darn sarth as also in 1901 in Essex with wife. Eliminated a few other Thomas Brueton's born around the same time too.

My boy has to be plain George or George Thomas Brueton born in 1861 occupation something to do with Jewellery.

Can anyone find him in the 1881C please and what becomes of him after this? Many thanks


master brummie

How about this one in 1881? Transcribed as BENTON but actual image could be Breuton - born 1860 Bham - jeweller - lodging with Simkiss family at 19 ct 2 house Alma Street. See what you think:)


EDIT: Ladylinda, you beat me to it:)


master brummie
Ladylinda & Suzanne - I feel quite confident in saying I would have never found that - thank you both very much for it, I'm sure it must be him.