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George Herbert Osborne - Aston



I'm trying to find my Grandad's details. He fought in the WW1 and WW2. I know he was a drummer in WW1 and was in the Staffordshire Regiment. I think he was sent to Ypres but not sure. Don't anything about him in WW2 except that he survived that, too. He was born approx. 1890 in Aston.

Can anyone help me find his rank, etc?



master brummie
Hi Harborne,

There are a number of possibilities but there is a service record for a George Henry Osborne with mother Sarah Ann Osbourne of 90 Ombersley Rd, Sparkbrook - does that sound right? If so he was a Sapper in the Royal Engineers Inland Water Transport Section and then with the Colours:

British Army WWI Service Records, 1914-1920 about George Osborne
Name: George Osborne
Estimated birth year: abt 1895
Age at Enlistment: 20
Residence: 90 Ombersley Road, Sparkbrook Birmingham
Document Year: 1915
Regimental Number: 232672
Regiment Name: IWT RE

There are a number of George Herbert Osborne Records that could be followed up but they are for Yorkshire Hertford & Essex locations


Hi Aidan

Thanks for that, but no, it's not him. It was definitely George Herbert and his mother was Jane Colesby, his father was Henry Osborne. It's strange there's no mention of him, I've a photo of him in his uniform with his drum and a fellow soldier. Anyway, thanks again for your help.



true brummie
on the 1918 absent voters lists there are 3 george osbornes in the bham area listed. no middle name recorded as is often the case.

first one is at 164 new john street west. george osborne BZ3912 O.S., President division III R.N.V.R.
also at this address william osborne BV9532 A.B., President division III R.N.V.R.

second one is at 2 twyning road. george osborne 53539 R.G.A.

last one is at 108 wainwright street george osborne 116241 Pte., 194 Lab. Coy.
also at this address john william osborne 457613 107 Lab. Coy.

i dont know what the letters mean but someone will know. if your george had a brother john william or william then it would confirm which one.


Shera it looks as if it's the Wainwright St one as he did have a brother called John. Many thanks.



New Member
Hi all I know this is 10 years after you all been chatting about this but I'm doing my family tree. Im an osborne my dad was born on 108 wainwright street and he's farther was William osborne and had 7 brothers and 2 sisters George and Jhon were my dad's brothers. My dad was the youngest and he's 80 this coming December. If any of you ar related to my self I would love to here from you as iv just started doing the family tree and any info would be greatly appreciated


master brummie
A little tricky but it doesn't appear that your Osbornes and the original poster's Osbornes are related.

The George Herbert Osborne is not the George Osborne living at Wainwright St when he enlisted.

He does appear to be your relative Ozz, the brother of your grandad I think. That is if your grandfather was fairly old when when your dad was born.

John and Florence Mary Osborne are living at 108 Wainwright St and Florence is still there on the 1939 register and their son William appears to be living at 102 Wainwright St with his second 'wife' and possibly 2 children.

1950 electoral roll has William still at 102 and a married daughter at 100 Wainwright St.


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This is amazing. This is my family my grandad had a second wife and the 2 children are my dad Colin and my aunt Betty who's actual name was Elizabeth? My dad's memory isnt great but u confirmed evrything I kinda new in bits. Our aunt bet passed a while back now but I wish I had asked her more when she was here as my dad is not telling me evrything and I know there is so mutch more. What I do know is that my grandad owned a few houses in wainwright street and his first wife's family had something to do with ansells brewery. I was told she gave ansells the land and in that deal there were conditions about jobs for the osborne men and this is why they all worked there at some point. Apart from a Fred and Charlie who wer cought up in some other local (less legitimate) activities. If anyone knows anything of this or about the links to ansells or the osborne gun company I'd be grateful . But thanks again for ur info


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Welcome Ozz. So interesting to hear your family history. Hopefully members will be able to help to add to that information.