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George Adams Green, photographer, Publican, Clock Tavern, 94 Alma St, 1833>09


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From directories (remembering that the year is the date of publication, and probably refers to the year before, or in some early cases pos)sibly more).

These directories give a rather confusing picture, not helped by the fact that pre 1876 no numbering of premises was listed, though approximate position can be inferred as they are listed in order.

94 Alma St

1876-79 George Adams Green, photographer, but listed after him with no number, before Inkerman St is a John Bloomer , shopkeeper

1880-82 George Adams Green, photographer

1883-88 George Adams Green, beer retailer

1890 Mrs Ann Foster beer retailer

1892 George Evans beer retailer (listed here as electroplate worker on 1891 census)

1895 Thomas Ward, beer retailer

1895 James Gilkes, beer retailer

1897 Henry Proctor, beer retailer

1899 William Smith, shopkeeper

In cases like Green and bloomer 1876-9, where no number is listed for the second tenant, it can usually be taken that the un-numbered premises is either in the same building as the numbered place or that it is behind it, and accessed through an alley or entrance

Before this , when premises were not numbered ,in 1872 and 1873, directories there are entries for George Adam Green , beerhouse keeper and John Bloomer ,Grocer, in the position approximating to where no 94 later was .

Earlier, in 1868 edition, again in about the right position there is a David Bloomer, shopkeeper next to a John Keogan, beer retailer

The 1881 census confirms that, at that time, George A. Green was a publican at no 94, and that it was called the Clock Inn, across the junction from the Dewdrop, while in the 1871 census he is described just as a photographer.

It is not uncommon for a publican to not mention it in the census if he also has another trade (possibly because publicans had some sort of reputation?). In these cases the wife often ran the pub, though the man himself held the licence. This is probably the case in 1891 for George Evans.

From all this it seems that George did run a beerhouse or off licence (beer retailer can been a beerhouse which is only licenced for beer on the premises, or an off licence) around 1872, possibly taking over from George Keogan. He then seems to have given up the trade for a time , but by 1881 he is again a publican (probably with a beerhouse and not a full pub licence). At that time the premises are called the Clock Inn. I would suggest that probably the Clock pub was built by him when he re-entered the trade around 1882, after the shop of John Bloomer disappeared, enabling the construction of a larger building as the pub. He remained the licensee till around 1889. the pub remained until around 1898.
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Here is a map c 1951, which shows a smaller building to that in the c1889 map and that the back of nom 92 next door is marked as a ruin, which suggests to me that there was bomb damage in WW2

map c1951 showing 94 alma st.jpg


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mike can you confirm or not that that is clifford st on the left opposite no 94...good info mike