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General question!!


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I think my Nan is at rest in Witton Cemetery and I have other members buried in Wolverhampton, I think at a Cemetery in Bushbury or near it.

Anyway what I want to know is when looking for relatives is it a case of looking around and hoping I find who I am looking for or can I ask someone who works there if they know the surnames I seek and what part they are buried in? :rolleyes:
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Hi Bluebrummie: There are many threads on this site re: Witton Cemetery and looking for relatives graves etc. You can enter Witton Cemetery in the Search at the top right hand of the page and have a look through.
There are people at the office in Witton Cemetery who will help you find what you are looking for. You can also e-mail them as someone on the forum did with good results.


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The burial registers of bushbury are held in the wolverhampton archives on snow hill (wolverhampton). However they are closing for relocationfrom 31st oct till february 2009, so I'd get in there quickly