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General Hospital Birmingham


master brummie
I was in the new General over Christmas 1963 - there weren't any nuns there then as far as I know. The nurses wore starched aprons and caps and were incredibly kind.
Thank you Lady Penelope, this would have been in the 50's so maybe the old hospital. in Radiorails post, the portion that intrigued me was their head ware or gear as we would say now. It was tall & high very starched.


Master Barmmie
The Sisters of Charity were said, in 1969, to have run the Warwickshire Orthopaedic Hospital, St Gerards, for many years. But this was a Catholic based hospital. Did they, or any other nuns, have involvement in the General Hospital other than for religious purposes? The training of nurses in 1964 had been taking over to the Queen Elizabeth.


A Brummie Dude
So I should wear my wrist watch on my right wrist ?. As I am left handed.
All nurses are right handed ?...........Its not a wrist watch is it
its optional they put it opposite the pen pocket.and its upside down so they dont have to touch it. thats what yahoo says.