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general advice on occupation needed please


master brummie
Hi all, this query has come about as I was trying to establish whether the witness at the death of my g.g..g. Grandad was his daughter, but as I researched her, in 1911 her occupation is given as Chairwoman. In the employers box, "vicarage" is crossed out and there is an "o" in the employed box.
I am intrigued now, as to what a chairwoman would have been - did she cahir meetings and if so, what might they have been, or would she have made or upholstered chairs of some sort?
It won't make any difference to the research I know, am just interested to see what anyone else thinks - or knows!
Thanks, Sue


master brummie
Thanks both - Dwilly have had a closer inspection of the census return and I think you are probably right - she had been a housemaid from when she was 15, so that would follow, I just hadn't thought logically!
Thanks a lot