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G A Makepeace building

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real goldilocks

Hi I am new to the site and this is my first post.:) Does anyone have any information about a second hand clothing shop in Digbeth that was called G A Makepeace. The building is now owned by a chinese cash and carry i think? Thank you


master brummie
Is this the Makepeace family?
George MAKEPEACE, Head Married aged 47 born 1864 Coventry,Wardrobe Dealer
Sarah Ann MAKEPEACE, Wife aged 49 born 1862 Kidderminster
Francis George MAKEPEACE, Son Single aged 22 born 1889 Warwickshire Bham,Wardrobe Dealer's Assistant
Edith Mary GROVE, Servant Single aged 21 born 1890 Staffordshire Hednesford,General Servant Domestic
Address: 142 Digbeth Birmingham Married 25 years.
He is listed as a Clothes dealer in 1901,
On Electoral Roll
142 Digbeth in 1912
135/136 Digbeth in 1920/22/2
In 1930/35/39
Shop premises listed (135/136 Digbeth),but abode given as Fieldhouse,Hampton Lane,Solihull.


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Kellys lists G.A.Makepeace as a second hand cloths dealer as below:

1900 No G.A. Makepeace in Kellys (there are a couple of Makepeace
pawnbrokers and a hardware dealer )

142 Digbeth from 1903 - 1913
135-136 Digbeth from 1915 to sometime between 1944 and 1949.


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Given the street numbers on this image it must be after 1915 according to Ladylinda’s and Mike’s earlier posts. Viv.