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from sloggers to peaky blinders,gangs of birmingham

Discussion in 'Recommended Reference Books and CD's' started by brummie60, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. brummie60

    brummie60 master brummie

    I think this book has been mentioned previously,have just finished reading it and found it a very fascinating and informative book,cant rate it highly enough.steve:)
  2. jennyann

    jennyann master brummie Staff Member

    Last edited: Sep 14, 2010
  3. maggieuk

    maggieuk The Fairybrain of Brum

    :)Hiya Brummie ..that's the one i am reading now
  4. evergreen

    evergreen Cradley Heathen

    glad you are enjoying it Sis, :):):)

    Got it mail order from play.com if anyone wants one
  5. brummie60

    brummie60 master brummie

    hi ya maggie,those sloggers and peaky blinders were a ruthless lot,i didnt realise there were so many gangs allover brum,happy reading! steve
  6. brummie60

    brummie60 master brummie

    Hi jennyann thanks for the link,they did have razor blades in there caps from what ive been told, but buckles and belts featured heavily,and later on catapaults and knives,knife crimes been going around for over a hundred yeards in brum, plus liverpool and manchester,happy days eh! steve
  7. maggieuk

    maggieuk The Fairybrain of Brum

    Hiya Steve:)Like you i didn't realise the amount of gangs around at that time :shocked:..from what i am reading in the book .i am glad i wasn't around then;)
  8. brummie60

    brummie60 master brummie

    Hiya Maggie,me too,glad im living in this world now!just a thought,do think the phrase cheeky blinder is a spin off from when our parents,relatives used to call us cheeky blinders lol!
  9. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

    I have just finished this book and thought it was brilliant! The detail and research that must have gone into it is fantastic. I was also pleased to see the BHF got a mention in the acknowlegments! For anyone who enjoys social history it's a must.
  10. Neville Philpott

    Neville Philpott master brummie

    Looking forward to reading this book, my copy from Amazon should be here on Wednesday.
  11. sistersue61

    sistersue61 master brummie

    Have just picked up this thread on the search, my dad has asked me to see what I can find out about peaky blinders, he remembers them from the 1940's, so thanks all, I now have a christmas pressie lined up too
  12. Fashionz

    Fashionz master brummie

    I'm a bit confused - What is the exact title of this book, who is the author? I put in "from sloggers to peaky blinders, gangs in birmingham" into the amazon search and didn't come back with anything. I've tried amazon.com and amazon.co.uk.


  13. sistersue61

    sistersue61 master brummie

    Hi Fashionz,
    book is gangs of Birmingham, have just ordered it 10 mins ago on Play.com for 5.49, free p&p
  14. maggieuk

    maggieuk The Fairybrain of Brum

    :)Hiya Fashonz
    The title of the book is ..The Gangs Of Birmingham ..author Philip Gooderson..it has 3 young Peaky blinders on front cover .on the top of the cover it reads .from the sloggers to the peaky blinders
  15. Fashionz

    Fashionz master brummie

    Thanks Sistersue61 and maggiuk

  16. brummie60

    brummie60 master brummie

    Hi have just read in the evening mail that philip gooderson the author of the gangs of Birmingham is holding a talk about his book at waterstones high street,from 6.00pm on thursday 21st october,ring 0121 633 4353 for tickets, £3.00 each ive been told, steve
  17. a s wood

    a s wood master brummie

    My father told me years ago that his grandfather was in the Ten Arches Gang, and was a Peaky Blinder. It was facinating to read the book and to see the photos which I have to say look just like the photos that I have of Gt grandad.
  18. Neville Philpott

    Neville Philpott master brummie

    A good read i thought, with lots of useful information.

    Somewhat dissapointingly, my copy from Amazon has a number of mis-prints for some reason.
  19. les hancock

    les hancock master brummie

    I have just ordered the book from Amazon for £6.75. Looks interesting

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