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Friston Street.


Brummie babby
Having 'lurked' on this marvellous forum for many years' I am now hoping that further assistance will be forthcoming. It appears that my great-grandfather and family lived for many years in Friston Street Ladywood. Successive census's suggest 1871 - At 3 Clifton Terrace. 1881 - at 38 Friston Street and 1891 - at 75 Friston Street. Please can anyone advise on which side of the street these properties were located, the type of dwelling and whether there were shops/pubs in the Street.
Thanks in anticipation Standerton


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Th emap below gives the position of Clifton Terrace (in red) , and no 38 in 1881 ( in blue) & no 75 in 1891 (in orange). Between the 1881 Kellys Directory /& the 1882, the street was renumbered from consecutive numbers to odd one side of the street , even the other. I have checked the 1881 census, and this was before the change. In case it is of interest, the 1873 Whites directory (which usually contains more listings than the Post Office/Kellys directories) lists no 38 as Mrs Tamar Blakey, lodgings.

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Brummie babby
Mike. Many thanks for your rapid reply. The map and your comments have completely altered my previous assumptions! The close proximity of their dwellings over some 30 years. explains why my Grandmother stated that they got the hand cart out to move house. Initially I imagined that they had to move to 75 - quite a haul uphill with belongings from six of them. Whilst thanking you for the information, I am left regretting that I had not taken more notice when we visited my grandparents at Sheldon during the war and asked questions! Of course ten year olds were expected to be seen and not heard!! Standerton.


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I am so grateful to you both for this post as my Gt.Gt.Grandfather was a miller who lived at no.1 Clifton Terrace and I wouldn't have known where that was otherwise.


proper brummie kid
I know that in 1903 there was a red lion public house at no 9 friston street and a mr W Hicks used the pub and was a member of a club/team and won 1st prize for attendance