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Friends of Aston Hall and Park - March meeting


proper brummie kid
Dear all,

This is to let you know that the next Friends of Aston Hall and Park meeting will be held on Thursday 21st March, at 6.30pm.

It would be lovely to see any of you who would like to come. We will be updating everyone on various funding applications that we've made, for work in the Park; letting everyone know about our plans for the open season (we open on 30th March); and of course we'll be listening to the ideas of everyone who's attended, on their priorities for the Park and Hall.

Please do feel free to come, or contact me if you would like more information. The group is not run by Museum or Parks officers, although there are always representatives of both at the meeting, but this is very much an opportunity to join a Friends group of people interested in their local area.

If you have any questions, then please do let me know.

Many thanks
Rosie Barker


proper brummie kid
Hi Eric - good question, I should have mentioned!

The meeting will be held in the Stables Range cafe. The Stables is the long low building running to the right of the Hall - if you're able to come, you'll see lights on in the cafe windows. Staff will be looking out for arrivals, but if you can't find your way in then please do feel free to ring - if you want my mobile number, please do send me a message and I'll let you have it, as I don't want to put it on the internet!

Many thanks,