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Hi Stitcher

Re: Freebies
Would one of you who know about these things please tell me the name of a good free music download site for the occasional search for an oldie, whether it was a hit or not.​
Go to the SOURCEFORGE site and download ARES

I've downloaded all sorts of oldies from it, no problems. If you're using VISTA, there is a version for that programme. I've only used it on XP so far.



I have nicked this from another site I use. Have seen it before and I like the look of it. It is simialr to MacAfee adviser but you can make suggestions if you feel the rating is incorrect or unfair. For example a site I buy from was alleged to send out spam. I have used that site to buy from over the past 5 years and never yet received any spam from them or leaking of my data. So I have asked them to review but I digress.

"If you are like me and enjoy surfing the net, you may like to look at this website I have found :
It provides information about trustworthiness, safety, downloads and buying online etc
It is a FREE download and I'm impressed.
Check it out for yourselves"


gone but not forgotten
Nice one Bernie.
I've been using Web Of Trust for a while now with Firefox and IE7 and find it very useful.


master brummie
Now this could be handy

ZipGenius 6.3
ZipGenius is compression software that can archive files withiin several compressed formats. It can create and handle several archive formats, including ZIP, RAR, CAB, ACE, 7-zip, ARC, SQX; also, it can read and decompress CD/DVD images in ISO9660 format (.ISO, .NRG, .CMI).


I already use ISO Buster as a seperate prog, will try it if needed in future, it might save me having seperate prog's for all formats


Paul Higgins

master brummie
Here’s a freebie some of you might like

The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts Ebook

I know many folk don’t like keyboard shortcuts and prefer mouse and menu shortcuts. I used to be one of them. For those that use shortcuts anyway, no further discussion is necessary. For those that don’t, give them a try. You’ll be surprised, as I was at how easy they are to use once you are used to them. You’ll be surprised how much quicker they are. Here’s a tip. Don’t try to learn them all at once. Mistakes WILL be made, you will continue to dislike shortcuts. You will give up. Learn one or two at a time, until they are almost second nature.

I have no affiliation with the site, the authors and won’t gain from advertising this Ebook. (Just in case you think I am a little too enthusiastic!) I found the link on another forum HERE.
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Brummie yes ! Novice no !
Not exactly , ahem, freebies , ahem - but have you ever upgraded a piece of software only to find you preferred the previous version ? There is a website where you can download previous versions of software - www.oldversion.com .
Paint Shop Pro for example is currently at version 12 but for ease of use I still prefer version 8 ( of which I do have a legal copy ).


master brummie
Using WindowsXP I noticed an upgrade offer from Avast4 to Avast5, better user interface etc. Avast had run good for 2 years but I upgraded to V5, ran it and 10 seconds later Windows crashed with a 'blue screen of death' hadn't seen this for years. Restarted, and again a BSOD - my Windows was broken.:(
I ran Windows in 'safe mode', tried for 1hr to normally uninstall Avast5, it would not, had to download a special 'Avast removal tool' and run in 'safe mode'. My laptop did not like Avast5, so I installed 'Microsoft Security Essentials' - it has 'real time protection' - I hope! Thought about buying Windows7 but instead downloaded the biggest 'freebie' of all.... 'Linux Ubuntu 9.10'. Haven't found anything it does not do on the internet, it runs photos video software, and at present I don't need virus checkers, antispyware, etc. I can choose either Windows or Linux on start-up.:)


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Hi Oisin,
Thanks - I have found the the Microsoft Security Essentials installed easily and hopefully doing it's job. I must admit I like Linux - it's free - it's fast - it's secure. I am thinking of installing Windows7 in my main HP desktop computer but want to keep XP because I like some of the programs which were pre-installed, so I will partition the disk and have W7 and XP. I used to mess about with motorbikes and cars in my earlier days, now I mess about with computers.


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Hiya OldMohawk
I have been using Avast for about 3 years and never had a problem..only thing was it used to drive me mad when it updated..last month i started using Microsoft Security Essentials and wished i had changed ages ago it works fine.:)


gone but not forgotten
CLICK HERE to get Paragon FREE Disc backup and management soft ware.

Might be a big download but it's worth it. I've found it very user-friendly so it shouldn't be too difficult for anyone.

(I thought about recommending this to Ernie who it looks like will have to reinstall his operating system but then realised it makes an image of your drive, warts and all so would reinstall the problem. Therefore it's important that the backups are done when everything is running as it should be. Might be worth him using it once he's got straightened out though.)

p.s. For the 64 Bit version CLICK HERE.


Gone but not forgotten R.I.P.
Just been having a look at this site, apparently it can give you the chords for any song in the world, even while its playing. Just played a couple of songs and it seems to work. For guitar, ukelele and piano. Its free at the moment but I dont know how long for.



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Gosh a 'blast from the past' with this useful thread re-appearing. I've tried many of them over the years. I use a freebie https://www.raintoday.co.uk/mobile on my iPad and the non mobile version on my other computers.
It shows a live view of the actual rain coming across the country, the free version runs about quarter of an hour behind real time, the paid version is real time.
It's interesting watching rain coming from the Irish Sea and then being dumped on the Welsh mountains to disappear before it reaches the Midlands. Sorry Wales !

ps. The above link works on Windows 7