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Forum Donations


The buck stops here
Staff member
Thank you all for your generous donations which will ensure the site can continue for the next eight months at least.
I am so proud to know that we have such a great membership who have proved their commitment.
Once again, many many thanks...

Jim Warren and Hilary

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Jim did you receive my e.mail only each time I messaged you it logged me out!. I am a proper dope!!!.


gone but not forgotten
Hi jean,and viv

Great news then if its brum I am ready at the fingers to tap in emeciately looking forwarded to Thursday
Best wishes Alan, Astonian,,,


Please may I have a postal address for donation? I would prefer to send a cheque. Sorry to be a nuisance.


Thank you for the PM. I will post soon.
Thank you for keeping the Forum going!!
Best Wishes,


master brummie
I have tried to donate by using Paypal. Not sure if it's gone through as I pressed the send money button 3 times nothing seemed to have happenend!! Any help appreciated.



The buck stops here
Staff member
Hello Jean, thank you for wanting to Donate via PayPal, the details you require are as follows.
[email protected] Once again thank you we really do appreciate it.

Jim aka Postie..


Staff member
you can now also donate using the forums inbuilt functions: - see image for details this uses paypal.


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The Quinton Kid
Dear all

Lots of us on this forum get much pleasure and knowledge from being part of this great site. It exists purely through the efforts of volunteers and those who regularly donate to its funds. Thanks go to those members who continue to make regular donations. This along with the meet-up raffles, are a welcome contribution towards the cost of running BHF.

But gradually over time, as less donations have been made, funds have fallen painfully low. We as a group can change all that with a small donation. If, like me, you've been remiss in donating, please could I ask you to kindly donate a minimum of £2 (or more of course if you wish !) by using the orange 'donate' button at the very top of the BHF home page.

Thank you for reading this and for your support in helping to secure the future of BHF.

I know this is a bit like asking, 'How long is a piece of string' but how often do you need members to donate to keep this fantastic forum going? I have donated but presumably you don't want me to do it just once.
If I donate what I think the forum is worth I'll have to take out a mortgage.

( Donating anonymously is like wetting yourself in a dark suit. No one knows you've done it but you get this warm feeling).


Staff member
what a smashing post actongrumpy:)..words like this make all the effort we make to keep us running smoothly worthwhile..simple answer i think is donate when ever you want to..once a month..twice a year..once a year it is entirely up to you...but as the tv advert says..."every little helps"..thank you for your support..



master brummie
Done ... I used 'PayPal' as a guest because I have no PayPal account. Very quick Email back from PayPal confirming.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Hi all. If anyone would like to contribute via cheque, please send postie a message using the Inbox button above on the blue bar next to your name. Once in the Inbox you will be asked to Start a Convesation and insert 'postie'. I'm sure postie (Jim) will get back to you with details.

Thank you all for your continuing support.

Hope thats ok with you Jim. Viv.

tim eborn

master brummie
Hi Lyn, regarding "Every little helps" ,my father used to say " As the old lady said as she peed into the ocean !" doe's this somehow tie in with the TV add ?
Cheers Tim.


Donation made and well worth the money keep up the good work, when I have time I shall post some other pics of the Town Halls latest make over al are internal.