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Former Midland Red Garage Southgates Street Leicester


master brummie
The Former Midland Red Garage Southgates Street Leicester is set to become be student flats block more later but first, is it me or does the artist impression appear to be a Bristol Lodekka bus rather than a Midland Red bus? https://legacymedia.localworld.co.uk/275788/Article/images/17175614/4250326.jpg

Here are more about the Stupids (Students) flats https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/...-flats-block/story-17175614-detail/story.html

the rumour is that there will be a cafe in the complex and it will be in memory of Midland Red, this possibly means that they will never be able to find enough staff for the cafe (an old Midland Red problem)


master brummie
It could be a Bristol but another strong candidate might be an Leyland (tin front)?

The destination blind aperture is of the style used by Ribble and Western SMT but the cream roof is an oddity I think.