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Former Midland Red Bus Garage Wellington to be Demolished


Ex-pat Brummie
Obviously the land is worth a lot more than an old bus garage, for which there must be very limited uses. Liquidation of assets and a need for houses - it's very difficult to argue against that in these mercenary times.



master brummie
I worked out of Wellington depot for around 9 months during the MAP period. I then transferred back to Tamworth. It was a small depot, where all vehicles had to be reversed into, after years at Lea Hall and Tamworth where no reversing was required it was a bit of a shock, but you soon got back into it. There was also a patch down on the market where buses were parked over night.


master brummie
I am surprised that the Tamworth Garage is still open, if only because of the rates, I suspect that in the fullness of time, it will close and move out of the town and on to an open site on an Industrial park,


master brummie
I work out of Rhyl depot for Arriva. We have a town centre depot and fully expected to be moved out of town. Arriva have just spent ?? Millions on totally rebuilding the depot where it stands, completely rebuilding the offices and workshops. If we were moved out of town it would incur large amounts of dead mileage. They made that mistake in Chester, so the writing may not be board for Tamworth in the foreseeable future.