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Forgotton Voices of the Great War



It's not everyone who can make the journey to the Battlefields and Cemeteries. It's therefore worthy of note that we have a place of remembrance at Alrewas. The National Memorial Arboretum

It's very new and it'll be a few years I think before the place has matured but this doesn't detract from it's purpose of remembrance. I think it's a fitting place to go to reflect and consider the people who have died or been affected by the brutality that we call war. I was very moved by the "Shot At Dawn" memorial. Images and thoughts of innocent men who were most likely traumatised by the horrors of battle were shot, no thought given to their shell shock!! There are many memorials at the Alrewas site, not all of them are to do with Conflict.

Use the link I have made to view the website, it contains a wealth of information about the Arboretum, and if you can spare the time go take a look, it's superb whats being created there for the nation.

The National Memorial Arboretum
Croxall Road
Staffordshire DE13 7AR
Tel: 01283 792333