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Ford family quartet or band Aston

Hello everyone

i’m new to doing my ancestry search but I am making small amounts of progress, but now, my mom wants me to find out if a vague memory she has is true, but I don’t know where or how to start!

my great grandparents, William & Eliza Ford lived at 199 Inkerman Street, Aston, they had 4 children - William (1906), Frank (1910), Cyril (1913) and Constance (Jan 1915). They then moved to 119 Bloomsbury Street, and stayed for many years.
William senior died in Nov 1914 when the HMS Good Hope sank,

my mom remembers, her dad (Cyril) Talking about a ‘quartet/band’ the 4 siblings formed to help their mom Eliza out with money, so I’m guessing they played somewhere that payed them?
So that is the only information we have and we have no one else in the family to ask.

mom really wants to know if this memory is true and what they call themselves?
I know it’s probably impossible to find out but any help would be so appreciated

thankyou x


master brummie
Difficult to search newspapers with a name like Ford, you just get a lot of results about cars.

Best bet would be children of William, Frank & Constance. Constance most likely as she was the youngest, though 1 of her 2 daughters (I think) seems to have died.
Thanks MWS for your reply

unfortunately an argument with the 4 siblings caused a family rift so we have no idea who their children are, all I know is it caused Connie to move her family to Somerset


master brummie
Constance's death is registered 1992 in Taunton. Her eldest daughter was Sandra who seems to marry a Derek Onions, unfortunately she seems to have died quite young in 1997 (reg. Bromsgrove).

Her younger daughter, Josette Helen (b1947) appears to be still alive, living in Somerset.


master brummie
Also did you know that Eliza had an illegitimate daughter, Georgina Victoria, b1901 & d1921.


master brummie
William James Ford marries a Ruth Bull and possibly has 2 sons (including one named Cyril).

Frank Thomas Ford marries a May Clarke but there's a lot of Ford/Clarke children registered and no way of knowing if any of them are his.
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aston lad

master brummie
I did a bit of searching through the old local (Birmingham ) papers yesterday evening didn't find anything, What years are we looking at ?,I suppose they may have just sang in the local pubs therefore they wouldn't have no need to use the local papers to advertise which would have cost money which they needed, I cannot think of any publication which may help Jeanette.
Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your help.

I had a phone call of my mom today while I was at work, she was excited that she remembers her dad played the violin and one of the others played the piano, I did laugh that she thought it might help, but I said I would mention it


master brummie
On the 1939 register Eliza & Cyril appear to be listed at 119 Workmens Club Bloomsbury Street.

I'm a bit unsure because that's just from the transcription and looking at the map a club seems to be at 109 not 119.


master brummie
The address on the reg is definitely 119 - from the original not a transcript. They also seem to have 3 lodgers - fellow railway porters - presumably working with Cyril. 109 is not visible although there is a jump from 107 to 115.
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