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for astonian


master brummie
Hi Alan I managed to take this pic for you about a week ago your old mate ron langford20150924_144715.jpg on the left younger sister susan in middle and brother alan on right all are well and ron sends his regards


gone but not forgotten
What a great surprize many thanks Edd thats brillient i will down load that later; thanks for mentioning the lad on the side of ronnie as alan
because he his a double ringer for david ;and thats what i thought emediately until i read further on when you stated it was young alan;
i also have to say the both of them meaning alan and david are a spitting image of there father whom i also remember very clearly as if of yester day ron is looks after his mother [ nice lady she was ] i was always in there house daily along with our other mates ; whom when i visited ron some time ago in the beginning of the year at his home ; i spent hours with ron remising about our younger days and our old friends in the gang
one in particular was a lad name billy we had two billys in our gang but the billy we disgust was the chimney sweep lad lived next door to me and we lived across the road from ronnie may i say i would never known it was susan she was only a kid when we was knocking about together along with bunny
he said they keep in touch with him thats great ; i think our mate billy goes as well and they shoot off some where from time to time
well eddie i cannot thank you enough for the picture i hope we can keep in touch with other and may be meet up with ron some time
i will be giving ron a phone call tommorrow and let him know and i can arrange a time to expect me over before the christmas
thanks eddie you aare a true star speak to you soon take care our kid ALAN;; Astonian;;;


gone but not forgotten
MAny thanks again Edd give her my regards never forgotten either nor bunny [ francis ] from when we was all kids