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John Young

master brummie
:( Today on a Birmingham car park I did espy
three bold flags, proud fluttering bye :?:
Three Hundred cars my vista could see
but only three flags and one was me,,,,

Xenophobic, not really, it was numbers count
not them or us or me or Thee

Flags are strange, seem to arrange mixtures of
pride and shame,euphoric roars when someone scores
but hidden away when there,s blame,,,,

The Celts love Flags and party till drop
the Anzacs and Canucks too, envy you lot I do
But we are English you see, so Twee and Nimby
much toooo Posh to Patriot party like you

Well this one bit of Beef left, Oh three with them others
so we turn the lights out & join you Our brothers :roll:



Yep...just about sums it up John..
I'd love to know why we English feel guilty about celebrating our 'Special' days..
Every other bugger whoops it up on theirs..