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fish and chip shops


master brummie
which was the best fish and chip shop in your area we were lucky we had four in Park Lane Jones opposite the out door
Morris's next door to Dunn's the greengrocers Jelf's opposite the billiard hall and one all most next to the billiard can any remember the name of this one or was they both Jelf's
the most popular fish in my era was hake with a big bone in the middle it was called round hake
on my mom's side of the family mom's sisters had there own fish shops in Smethwick Handsworth also my Aunt Mick had a wet fish shop that supplied the fish to most of the fish shops in Smethwick and Handsworth
at most shops they gave you free scratchings some times they tasted better than the chips in my ere you could have threepenny bags and sixpenny bags the tanner was almost to much to eat it was OK if you were sharing a bag the best value (size of chip bag) was a fish and chip shop in Park Road on the way to the onion fair who owned this shop
who sold the best chips?



Hi John, i always liked the chippy in potters hill just up from the Bartons Arms,then secondly the one next to hay place by the Globe, you seemed to get more bits in theirs. Chips don't seem to have the same taste today: Maybe it was the wrapping in newspaper that added to the taste.


master brummie
Staff member
Fish and Chips

There was a Fish and Chip shop for years in Serpentine Road just across the road from Aston Park. It was always a treat to take some Fish and Chips and walk up the long drive to Aston Hall find a bench and have
an alfresco meal in lovely surroundings. Did this for years until the road disappeared. I think I can remember that Fish and Chip shop being there when the Onion Fair came all those years ago. It also did a roaring trade on home match days when The Villa played.


gone but not forgotten
in answer to john question about the fish/chip shop on park lane
it was owned by the jelf`s (ernest) my grandfather, the one next to billard hall aston cross
and my mom was joyce ivvy jelf and born in parliment street aston
and the shop oppsite was ran by mom&dad and fridays/saturdays nights
because people treated them selfs and eat their fish/chips and peas
& pies in the back dinner room of the shop and scratching if you wanted

the shop next to billard hall was for taking away only.

then they when to live at the coffee shop on number 1 new canal street
which was a transport cafe for the lorry drivers who stayed overnight
for delivery to ty phoo next door to the cafe also the hide&skin slaughter house

he had serveral fish/chips shops & cafes & grocery warehouses round birmingham

upto til he died at mothers at 47 victoria road aston aged 70 in 1969
sir billy cotton came to his funernal as they was old friends from music halls
days also one time friend "sandy powell" before he died they used to go
around the world together on holidays with my granddad & grandmother
bertha victoria jelf "nee Hinton" my sister has got old photos of them in
venice alltogether


p.s does anybody remember them? :)


master brummie
Chips Chips and more Chips please

Mary..............I've had fish and chips from Ninevah Road too, and they are smashin!

My Local Fish and Chip shop as a child was in Booth Street Handsworth. When we came out of The Regal Picture House on a Saturday morning, we would walk down Booth St and get a sixpeneth of chips, batter bits and a pickled onion each........you are so right John, the portions were huge and could be shared by all.

I miss the newspaper wrapping.............I'm not sure if its psychological or not, but fish and chips just dont taste the same anymore :(

PS - Nowadays 'Orange Chips' from Queenies in Great Bridge are to die for, physically and emotionally. They are coooked in dripping I think?........huge chunky beasts, orange in appearance and taste like heaven.....real 'heart clogging' cuisine. We risk them at least once a year :wink:


master brummie
Hi Mary I was born in Soho Road 1938 and later lived at number twenty Booth street circa 1939 my Aunt Nance also lived in Booth street can't remember the nuber but it was almost next door to the Regal their garden was next to the car park their name was Melhuish Uncle Ernie was a taxi driver did you know them?
what era did you live in Booth Street


master brummie
Fish & Chip Shops

I wonder if anyone knows when fish & chip shops started, my great grandmother ran a fish & chip shop at 26 Newtown Row according to the 1881 Census as did some of her sisters and also my grandmother for a time but I don't know where, must have been Aston, and my g.g.grandfather
Richard Birch was a fishmonger at 65 Gt. Hampton Street in 1881


gone but not forgotten
So the delicacy was not brought here by Greek Cypriots after all! :wink:

As a kid, I s'pose my favourite was Gittin's (I think) on Winson Green Road. Later in life, I used to stagger from the Plaza in Rookery Road, across to one more or less oposite. Mind, they could've sold me an old boot and stick of chalk and I'd have wolfed it down me. 8)


I cant recall any that were particlaulrygood as a youngster .

I do remember in 1980,s that the chip shop at the bottom of coventry road near to where asda is Bedders i think won a prize for thiers .

And they were v nice indeed ..

The reason that fish and chipps toadt are not so good is the oil used ..

They used to use beef dripping for cooking fish and chips but this cahnged to vegetable oils .

Harry Ramsdens still use beef dripping as far as I,m aware and I know they are a franchise they do taste much bettar than most.

There was a big ramsdens along cov rd which now seems to be a macdonalds although i have noticed on my travels that they are apprearing at the motorway service stations .. I think there is one up at the Tamworth services off the a5.



Bedders was a fantastic chippy, I used it a lot during the late seventies, daily in fact. The chips were brilliant. There is a chippy in the Black Country Museum which has smashing chips, but I can't honestly say they are as good as they were back then?

I was dissapointed with a visit to Harry Ramsdens, I had a peice of fish which I firmly beleived had been looted from a Egyptian Pyramid, it was so dry!!


Are the chips still as good? At Bedders.

I worked for a good while on a house just around the corner, during the late seventies, one of the Old Police Houses. Had my dinner almost every day from the chippy.

John Young

master brummie
Mallosa quite correct O0 & Yes Rod ,, BEDDER,s still the Best Chip Shop in Birmingham

Quality of Fish & Chips remains their pride & joy,Traditionalists, Clean,,Crisp & Quality above all

Its the only chippie that i see with very long queues formed at Midday & early Evening,
Surely an endorsment of Their Worthiness,,, Cheers John :)


Does anyone know where there might be a photo of the chippie in Maxstoke St circa 1913 - My ILES ancestors ran it


>>>>it was owned by the jelf`s (ernest) my grandfather, the one next to billard hall aston cross
>>>and my mom was joyce ivvy jelf

Did your Jelfs originate in Banbury before moving to Brum - if so we may have a connection


master brummie
The chip shop I remember as a child was on Lozells Road adjacent to the Co-op and roughly opposite the Royal Oak public house. As we lived in William Street it was quite close. The last person I remember running it was a huge fat Welshman who everyone knew as Taffy ( no surprises there !! ) He also ran a Sunday school in the nearby Gower Street school and was always trying to get the kids interested ( without too much success as I recall ) At the back of the shop were two steps up into a room where you could 'eat in' if you wanted to. We sometimes used to and I loved the 'chip shop vinegar' much more than the proper stuff at home.



I used to go in the one by the billiard hall when I worked at Aston Cross
There was another one we used in Victoria Road I think about halfway up on the left coming from Lichfield road
I can still picture the woman behind the counter serving away with a fag hanging from her mouth :-\