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Fire Brigade Information


gone but not forgotten
Yes many years back in the early years it was only a one fire engine holder in the early 1900s it was bacicily built for one engine
And they closed it and had one built in Albion street as you know its was a decent size with capacity for about four engines
And quarters for the firemen to sleep at night on whatch it was there for many years in Albion street
The one stand bye in keyon street ceased long before the fiftyies and it was half way up or down of key on street
Which ever way you are coming from And next to it there was an aluminium stockist and smelter
Which was facing where key on street took the bend as if you are walking to warstone lane
Albion street closed down in the seventy or eighths I think it was and it was turned into a big Day Nursery after
The fire brigade moved out owing to the cut backs and slimlineing the fire service
Thinking back to keyon street nick they would have been about four hundred yards up the red from the nick
If there truth be known it was in the thirty or even in the twenty but a little sub was there Astonian,,,,,''''
As I said it was only likes lock up only catureing for one engine and a little office


gone but not forgotten
I have done what I said I would do send the email to Albert last night ,so you will have to wait until he picks it up I surprise
By the way when I said whally is proper name was Geoffrey walls and his brother was David and his sister saroye walie
She moved out across the red to a couple named Phillips and she lived with them and changed her name to there
And they ran the pub on the corner for a little while before moving on Geoff was a very thin lad always wore a leather jacket
No matter the weather and always had his jacket collar up and he always wire dark sun glasses what ever the weather
He used to try and dressed like the fonts on TV,
Geoff got killed in a car smash in the eighths nice kid also did I mention the jenks twins, ( the two brothers)
Always in the yard playing football with Albert they lived at 4/ 23 Cope street and yes they did have the biggest bon fire in the yard around Ladywood
Best wishes Astonian,,,,,,


Staff member
sure ive seen a photo of firemen at kenyon st but cant locate it at the min....also post 39 on this thread seems to confirm that there was indeed a fire station at kenyon st...



gone but not forgotten
Yes as I have said it was in keyon street many years ago and as I did say last thread I said it was about four hundred yards up the red
From the nick well I have given it more thought and the more I think about it it was more or less off centre facing the archway of the nick ,( Kenyon street police )
Across the road and it was many years early in the 1900,s when I was a kid I had seen it as I often walked down key on street
Through constution hill to snow hill and town and may I add ten years ago when I joined this forum this topic was put up
And it was mentioned then and I said then at the time there was there and shortly some one during those days did produce a picture for the forum
Of this little fire station as I said it looked like a little garage unit where it was stored and if the truth been known
And knowing key on street police station and its set up I would imagined that it was late 1800s it was operationioal
And it was either the police station was the quarters for the firemen and its yard where they may have kept equipments for for fighting
With there office and that's was probably the fire station before be coming the police station
At the top end of key on street on the bend the aluminium factory I spoke about was a stock clear of aluminum metals in ingot forms
And a smelters company I think it was called B K aluminum company and this factory was there up until 1956/58 before closing
But the fire station was there in key on street sadly I cannot recall whom put the picture on the forum but someone did I can say that
Best wishes Astonnian,,,,,,


Retired Layabout
The 1903 Kelly's puts the fire station adjacent to 63 Kenyon Street at the rear of the Corporation Baths on Northwood St, and it is marked on this 1905 map as a Fire Engine Station, sorry for my earlier statement but I have a bad habit if making assumptions before I check them out.



gone but not forgotten
That is still keyon street as I have said keyon street you go down from the jewelry quarter and then there is the bend of kenyon street where Carolina
Is at the top of keyon ,street and that's where the station shed was well at least the faceure of the outer building
I did oringinaly say about four hundred yards up the rd from the police station and yes it would have been closed down some years later
After 1905 As you say that I do not know what year it was closed down and moved to albionstreet
I most certainly do not recall any corporation bathss being there so surprising you say there was baths there until what year
And as I said the front facure was next to a building on key on street just short of Carolina street and compared to the other old building
It looked a newish building dealers of Aluminium ingots and metals in the 1956 period
And I know some one years ago put it on here this forum all those years ago some one as got the picture sadly we have lost area experts
Whom supplied us with cracking pictures of our tested days sadly and we have lost area through death whom passed away
Plus the hackers done damage. But still I notice they are slowly coming out of the wood work thank god Astonian,,,,,


master brummie
thanks for that will wait and see i know he put a ohoto on friends united of john and his class john tried to find him then but had no luck do you remember new years eve when every one had rattles and the train blew their whistles priceless take care abc


Brummie babby
My Father, Charles (Ted) Steele, was based at Albion Street from about the beginning of 1948 until 1961. He was born just round the corner in Camden Street where my Great Grandmother lived.


master brummie
My Father, Charles (Ted) Steele, was based at Albion Street from about the beginning of 1948 until 1961. He was born just round the corner in Camden Street where my Great Grandmother lived.
Wondering if you read my reply to you March 2014 ? Davenport


Brummie babby
Sorting through my Father's pictures today I found this. I think it was probably taken at Albion Street around 1960/61
IMG_0001 (1280x754).jpg
Click on picture to enlarge
The men shown are
Back row - Ron Adams, Ray Williamson, Gary Owen, Peter Rowe, Tony Whittaker, Ray Parker.
Front row - Alan Malin, John Tundervary, Ted George, Jack Hart, Charles Steele, Stan Benham.


Brummie babby
This picture was taken at the Training school around Christmas 1947. My Father, Charles Steele, is 3rd from the right on the front row. Unfortunately i don't have any other names.

fire service training_0001.jpg


master brummie
i remember my mother had a helmet just like this one it belonged to her husband who served in the fire brigade between 1910 and 1914 he then jioned the army and got killed in ypes belgian. She always kept it on top of the piano with a vase of flowers so seeing this bought back so many memories thank you ab


For those of you trying to locate information on Birmingham Fire Brigade there is the West Midlands Fire Service Community Heritage Group. The Heritage Group has a museum at Aston Fire Station which contains Birmingham Fire Brigade, NFS, AFS & WMFS memorabilia. Run by volunteers it is open to visitors most Tuesday mornings (by appointment) between 11:00hrs & 14:00hrs. Arrangements for other days may be possible just ask. Phone 0121 380 6071 or email [email protected].


Hi JJJ-3679
The West Midlands Fire Service Heritage Group has produced a World War 1 Centenary exhibition showing Birmingham Fireman killed on military service 1914-1918. The next display will be held at Marston Green library from Saturday 9th May to Friday 30th May 2015. What was his name & I will see if there is any information on him.



master brummie
As a former firefighter I was frequently reminded of firefighters and their support people who served during WW2, especially in the blitz.

Many of those drafted into, or joined, the NFS and AFS were those who had previously failed their medical for the armed forces. In many cases their arduous and highly dangerous work surpassed what they might have possible encountered.

At least those who made it through those times entertained us younger ones with their stories, particularly when sent to many cities in England. At one time representatives of the Fire Service Benevolent Fund (formed in 1943 and now renamed) visited firefighters widows at Christmastide with food parcels. It took some days but it was always a great pleasure to hear from these ladies when they related their stories, as supporting wives and often information about their late husband exploits.
Was your mothers pam Pegg.If so l knew her.she was one of my childhood friends.l remember your nan singing in the concerts,she had a good voice,My dad Frank Rayns made two bunk beds in the war shelterOne for my mum Sis Rayns and me Janet Rayns .l have a photo of Pam with me and Maureen Leadbetter on the roof where the women had their washing lines and we all used to play.Sometimes the the firemen used to practice with their gas masks on and walk onto the roof,we never thought they were firemen we thought they were the bogey men


master brummie
Hi Fireman's Daughter, I am interested in your time at Central Fire Station have you any photo's of your time at the Station if so they would be of great interest to members of Birmingham Fire Group on face book. I am a member and served at Central in the 60's. Thanking you in anticipation.