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Finch/ Breakwell


master brummie
Is there anybody out there have any information on the Finch Family, lived at 54 Highbury road Kings Heath,(1900-1975) brother & sister Florance (florry) and William (bill) never married worked at Cadburys all there lives, Uncle Bill had a Big lump on his back and used to cycle every where, there other brother George was a Birmingham City Policeman, and moved to Coventry in the 60´s, there other sister Gladys Breakwell nee(finch) married Denis Breakwell who lived in Grange Road (1901,1911 census) ex Tailor, one of the founder member of yardley wood British Legion moved to 18 Penden Road Yardley Wood after they married about 1916. I have a lot of info from archives, so any thing else.Funny thing about the house in Highbury road it still has the original green door i remember in the early 60´s never been changed, pity i could not take the family up the back alley (gate and locked normal security these days) to show them the old gardens.

John Young

master brummie
Hello/Hola, welcome to site, como estas Castalla,

Replies to your post are a little slow because its difficult to pick out what information, Who/where/when
you are specifically searching for ? ,, a lot of the Genealogical info /history you have already
in your post but its a bit of a "Briar tangle bush" rather than a small yet accurate "Tree" for folks to help you with.

Heh Castalla, no problembo (Delboyspeak), just add to your post with a clearer question or two to start
then the guys & dolls on here will be happy to assist you,
Juan Y
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master brummie
Yes John I agree with you, though in truth anything will suffice of anybody remembering them (though most if not all are now died), just wondering if the corner shop on Highbury road no 40 T W EF Finch (1960), were they same family, Florrie was a very regular of All Saints church Kings Heath.I have most family Genealogy back to the 1700´s its just any other information about either family, i am sure there must be more family relatives of the Breakwells (larger family) then the Finch´s


Casually requests relating to Pendeen Road might get better response if posted under Streets.

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