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Farcroft Rookery Road Handsworth


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A selection of events held at the Farcroft. Viv.


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My friends and I made the Farcroft our place to dance on the weekends from 1952 to 1957. Ron, Chris, Barry, Ernie, Lynn, I and others spent many glorious evening carousing and dancing. I even had my wedding reception there May 11 1957.
But my first dance visit was in 1944-45 when I was a young teen. My brother invited me to accompany him one Saturday and, as we got off the #11 bus outside the pub, we noticed a line of uniformed men guarded by a British Tommy entering the front door. They were German P.O.W.s going dancing!!
I recall one evening when we were aware of a ruckus at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the dance floor. We headed o the top of the stairs and where the old ticket collector and some fellas were pushing back some rowdies trying to storm the hall. A fire extinguisher was thrown and that ended the fracas.
Yes, "those were the days, my friends, we thought they'd never end!"
Since 1957, I've lived in Canada.


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I had a drink in there with my wife's brother-in-law and his son in the late 1980s or early 1990s. I think it must have been when we went up there for family funeral, and alas all have now passed away.

Maurice :cool: