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Erdington Workhouse

Rachel Morgan

knowlegable brummie
Hi everyone I recently found out that my 3x great grandmother died in the Erdington workhouse (ive googled it and it might be the Aston Union workhouse also) her name was Jane Coffman, she died there in April 1897. The thing that puzzles me is that my 3x great grandad Georg Coffman didnt pass until January 1902. Did women go into workhouses while still married, he wasnt in there with her. Cant find any records for her apart from the funeral register. Is there anywhere I can get more information online or in person please?


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As I understand it Rachel, the workhouse was on the site of Highcroft Hospital. In 1869 it was Aston Union Workhouse until around 1912, then it became Erdington House until the 1940s after which it became Highcroft Hall Hospital until closure in the 1990s. So it would have been Aston Union Workhouse when Jane was there. Any of the subsequent organisations may have inherited the records. Someone may know where any records are kept (if they still exist).

I wonder if Jane's husband was away or had left her with no means of supporting herself ? Or maybe she was ill, physically or mentally ? If no one could take care of a sick person they were often admitted to workhouses. Viv.


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Hi, my GGF died in a workhouse in the 1940s despite having a large family. The extract below from workhouse org, which I think you may already have visited, puts things in context.

I did a search on the surname Coffman in the 1891 Birmingham census and there weren't many - I've attached the results below. Also details of a 'lone' Rosannah Coffman.
The occupation of 'slipper maker' may be coincidental but may indicate a family connection?

All names like 'Coffman'.......
Family containing name 'Coffman'

Details for Vaughton street where Coffmans are in lodgings...

Lady Penelope

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Not sure when Erdington workhouse closed. It was in Bell Lane and the Library was built on the site in 1906-7. It may have been demolished long before that though.