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Emma Jeffrey


master brummie
I have an Emma Jeffrey born in 1844 in Warwickshire who married a Charles Barker in 1866. I cannot find her in any census before her marriage - could anyone look for me and see if they have any more luck?


true brummie
in 1851 in harborne there is

emma jeffery aged 9 scholar b. bham

she is with eliza tonks widow seminary b. bham
emily tonks teacher 22 b. hall green
henry tonks solicitors clerk 20 b. hall green
eliza tonks governess 18 b.bham
caroline tonks 16 b.bham
lucy tonks 13 b. alcester

and jane thompson a servant
would this one be any good?


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Charles Barker married Emma JEFFRIES in 1866 in Burton 6b 430
Their first 2 children born Tutbury
In 1881 living in George street west.

1861 census
White swan,Warwick Street,Bordesley

George Jeffries age 52 beer retailer
Nancy age 52
Emma 16
Mary 14 all born Birmingham

On Emmas baptism her parents are George and Ann (Nancy is an alternative to Ann)


master brummie
Thankyou for your help. That's the marriage I had for Charles and Emma but found it difficult to make the connection with her being born in Birmingham, married in Derbyshire then moving back to Birmingham. I will send for the marriage certificate to confirm it all. Thanks again.


master brummie
I have received a copy of the marriage certificate and am sure it is the right one as the father of the groom fits in with what I already know. Unfortunately the space for the brides father and occupation just has a line across it - just my luck!!! They are both listed as living in Tutbury Staffordshire at the time of their marriage, but did get married in the Register Office - so no nearer knowing who her father was or where she was born!!!! Except I now know she was 23 in 1866.


true brummie
maybe her mother was unmarried and father unknown. in my ancestry i have a child born to a single woman, then on her marriage certificate there is just a line through fathers name and occ.


true brummie
there is a birth emma jeffrey 1844 jul-sep birmingham 16 242 which looks like your emma.

theres also one 1841 bham. if you can afford to send for the 1844 one hopefully it will be the correct one.


true brummie
theres also a death of a sarah jeffrey in birmingham 1848 jul-sep 16 220

just a long shot but perhaps this was emmas mother??