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Embassy Roller Rink Walford Road



Embassy photo's

Thanks so much pmc1947!
The photo's are hitting some long lost memories! I recall a couple of faces, I will email them across to a chap that used to work in the skate hire at the rink.


George Wheeler

master brummie
Nice pictures but no knee, elbow or head protection? the Health and Safety nuts would have a field day, probably impose a 5mph speed limit


master brummie
:mdr: Oh happy days indeed, the words Embassy Roller rink conjures up so many happy memories for me!
My sister, 15 yeasr older than me was an acomplished ice skater and ballerina. she used to take me at a very early age to Spring Hill ice rink. When it became painfully obvious that i couldn't master the art of skating she took me to the Embassy. She brought me my first pair of skates and taught me how to rollerskate with a mop in one hand and a broom in t'other to give me confidence. I was very lucky at the time Mom and Dad were caretakers of a block of offices in Newhall St, so the long corridors were my playground. Soon I could whiz up and down like nobodys business. Back to the embassy now and I took to it like a duck to water.
As I grew a little older my friend Kathy and I would go to the rink on our own it was great I loved speeding around that rink proper tomboy I was. I was preparing to join the speed skating team when a young man grabbed me to be last in line on the famous chain!!!!!!! Boy I hit that barrier like I was going a hundred miles an hour. Dislocated shoulder, 2 cracked ribs and a broken ankle. My folks were not at all pleased! However they relented after a couple of months or maybe 3/4 ha ha and got me a pair of roller boots. Boy oh boy did I think I was the bees knees. Went there every Sat morning till it closed , well bar holidays.
Yes, indeed happy days despite all the breaks...... oh yes forgot to tell you broke my ankle/leg a couple more times after the barrier crash!
Then I got married and lived down Hockley I was like a pig in much when they reopened Spring Hill as a roller rink. OMG it was so plush no dust on the rink as it had underfloor vacumns, not like the dusty old Embassy and it was great to be skating again and now I had my two kids to teach too.
Happy days? You bet!:D


master brummie
re-embassy roller rink

Hya all Do I remember the rink.Yes, I met my husband there when I was a sweet 16 year old ....
He worked there and I thought he was a big - head. He dressed like Buddy Holly and I found out later his sisters used to perm his hair for him.
He worked on the wrestling as well.
We have been married for over 48 years now. I was then a sweet 17 year old .... the day we got married we did not have a bed to sleep in.
His name is ROY SMITH and he lived in upper highgate street.
I have a picture of him taken in the rink. will have to sort it out.

keith hearne

Does any one remember me? Keith Hearne lived in Acocks Green, used yo visit the roller rink as often as possible. Every night and Saturdays, found out about this site from my wifes very dear friend. I was in the speed skating team, and roller hockey team, also worked in the skate shop, with stan when he needed a hand. Dates would be approx 1958 until I went into the army in 1962, when on leave I still found time for the roller rink. I remember Barbara and her crowd who stood in the corner, happiest memories on the whip, those were the days!!! Then worked when at the wrestling, when billy two rivers were there, told them when it was time for them to appear


master brummie
hi keith hearne,

did you know Leon Goodchild died february last year at the age of 84, he had many a good joke didn't he. were you there when he skated the 100 mile none stop.


master brummie
this photo was taken in 1960 a week befor we went on the continent to skate in four countries where we won every race a part from one which we raced in Ghent on a road up a hill round a pile of tyers down the hill round the tyers and back up the hill two of the lads fell over now that made a mess of everywhere :cry:. was anyone on here on that trip.

i am 5th from the left middle row fred ford dose the name ring a bell with anyone.
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Retired Layabout
Hi Fred,

I haven't got to listen to your moaning on here as well, have I?. Welcome to you mate.



Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
This is me after I'd trained at Embassy for a couple of weeks

[ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aus1PA5-SyI&feature=related"]YouTube - Gene Kelly tap dancing on roller skates[/ame]
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Hi Alf
Didn't you look good? I bet your wooden wheels took a bashing! A trip to the skate shop for new ones after all that dancing!

Good one Mate!



Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Thanks Barbara, no touble with the Roller Skates they paid me well:D


master brummie
Happy memories of Embassy Roller Rink. I use to go there and my mum and dad paid for my first skates, lovely white boots. My mum made my skating dresses, all my hand. One year we had the tv people there to show skating, not only figure but the speed as well. I was in it, which was so exciting. My dress was yellow satin, with green underskirts, not that anyone would see the colours as it was all in black and white then. Jean Pheffan (can't remember how to spell her last name) was the resident teacher there, she was world champion quite a few times. I had private lessons with her as well. I remember taking my first medal skating a waltz with her to the theme from Carousel. We lived in St Martins Flats then so it was only a short bus ride away. How I loved it.

Old Brummy

master brummie
Hi all I went to the Roller rink towrds the end of the war. It think it was used storge place for shell cases . I was working as a drivers mate on the railways and we delivered some stuff there ,cant remember what now but remember seeing all the rings cut into the floor of the rink and was told it ws from shell cases that had been stored . Anyone recall Bunny Bennet who was in the race team ????????????? Cheers Old brummy

dek carr

gone but not forgotten
This was my second home for about 3 years i was one of those nutters who formed a daisy chain built up a bit of speed and the one on the back flew off at about 50miles an hour you had to be a good skater to stay on your feet. every night i used to walk home to save the bus fare it must have been 4-5 miles Dek:):)


anyone remember the embassy roller skating rink just off the stratford road sparkhill, i had many happy hours there, hire the skates, really loud music, and.‚.. always packed, just thinking i had a great childhood, without causing problems for others.‚.. those were the day's.(its a mosque now or an asian cinema)

.‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. .‚.. jake
hi i remember the embassy ,i would go on sat morning ,and on friday evening with my dad they used to have wrestling there .i saw vic faulkner adrien street burt royal and maney more,after skating ,did you go to the ice cream parlour for milk shake .you have brought back some lovly memories thank you