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Electric Trams


master brummie
Where in Rubery was the terminus ? For trams.
The reason I ask that's a tall brick wall.
The No 70 Rednal tram (4th pic) is standing in Navigation Street. The walls behind can be seen in the pic below.
A better view of the building but no trams in the pic link below


New Member
Martineau Street was a favourite place to photograph trams and tram 20 No 6 Perry Barr waits at the terminus. There are often interesting things to see around the trams and I see Jeromes Photographic Studio on the left. Many parents in the 1940s would smarten up their kids and take them there to be photographed. I was smartened up and taken there and have the photos on the forum here ...
Also in the tram pic, flower sellers can be seen on the pavement in front of Dolcis.
View attachment 122377
Thanks for the photo. Met my wife here outside Jeromes in November 1956.


master brummie
Thanks for the photo. Met my wife here outside Jeromes in November 1956.
Another glimpse of Jeromes but there always seemed to be a tram in the way ... :)
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