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Edmund Street



The following image is an attempt to replace the lost image originally posted by MomaP. This may vary from the original.

This is a photo of Edmund Street about 1904.


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    City Edmund St c1904.JPG
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mike jenks

master brummie

Great Photo.

Have fiddled around a bit. Cromwell will locate the
spot. I think we are on the corner of Church St looking
up Edmund Street.
Have found another shot Similar with a new one.
I think the new one incorporates some of the old
arches in the Original Photograph from 1904.
The old and the New.
this photograph appears to be from our main site as I have the original hanging on the wall in my house would be interested to know were you have taken it from

Mike Jenks
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proper brummie kid
That is a great photo! But I have to disagree with Mike about the location (sorry Mike!).

Compare MomaP's picture with that taken by Leonard Stace shown on my website ('Chamberlain Square from the Art Gallery steps'):-

The two storey building to the right stands next to the splendid gothic style Mason College. In MomaP's picture, I believe the building to the right of these two was the Liberal Club, later Norwich Union?

Anyway, the rather tatty buildings would be cleared to make way for the Council House extension in the early years of the 20th century. I can't recall when that was built but it would help date the picture if someone did know.

Mark Norton


Moma P's .. Photo Is in Edmund St and on the corner of Margaret St taken in 1891.Between Margaret St and Congreve St were the Liberal Club, Belle Vue Temperance Hotel and a coopers workshop and the old University of Birmingham..Mason College built 1875-80
The 8 posters on the wall are advertising the fact that Egytian Hall in Snow Hill had 13 Grand Billiard Tables
The Same spot today would be The Council house extension completed in 1912 linked by the bridge to the Museum and Art Gallery
Map shows location of Moma P photo
2nd Photo shows the building on the extreme left of Moma P photo
which is the University
3rd Photo just to make it a bit easier shows the Bell Vue Temperance Hotel which was demolished in 1905 (by the Chamberlain fountain )
4th pic if you look at the Street name in Moma p's photo on the far right its says Margaret St
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mike jenks

master brummie

Yes Fatmark and Cromwell 2-0 up.
Its on the corner of Margaret Street.
Brenda spent 3 years in there doing her
Art Degree ouch Im in trouble.
Still today has touch wood been a Hi tech day, have had all
my new Hi tech Printer(Colour at last) Scanner Copier
Fax Machine? and new DVD writer installed by
My lad down from Scotland. He is 24 now.
Tomorrow Its new TV DVD.
I shall be in the 21st Century at last.

Mike Jenks


Mike, I think I might have caused a bit of confusion with saying The University of Birmingham ...so I will try to explain
The Mason College founded by Josiah Mason which was opened by Prof. Huxley in 1880 and designed by Jethro Cosins ...could not award its own degrees even up till 1897 but was called Birmingham University right up to when it was demolished in 1963..
Joseph Chamberlain had the vision of a Birmingham University and made the dream a reality and the building started to be built from 1900 onwards
it had many names from Edgbaston University, Bournbrook University till it finally became Birmingham University
Photo is of a postcard dated 1905 of the Mason College called Birmingham University which was just over the road from the Chamberlain Fountain


knows nowt
So where was the old Register Office in relation to these photos, please?
I remember going to a wedding there in the late fifties/early sixties (not my own I hastened to add, I would have remembered...possibly...??? )


master brummie
Charlie it's to the left of the photo and across the road in Broad Street, Hard to put it in context with todays view, but if you stand with your back to the Hall of Memory - bingo.

Having said that, that is where it used to be!!!:Aah:


gone but not forgotten
I think it's in Holiday Street now - can't swear to it though as it's not somewhere I use very often... well not to get married. :redface:


knows nowt
Sorry, didn't make myself clear. The Register Office in Holiday Street is the new new one that I now visit to get certs. The one in Broad Street was the new one where I got married in 1963 (gulp) the OLD one was in Edmund Street somewhere - honest! Maybe where the library is now.....or a little further along?


master brummie
Downloaded yesterday,taken today. Moss.


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master brummie
I wonder what the railed enclosure was for on Margaret Street. It seems to have been there for a while with nothing enclosed in it and it ran the full lenght of Margaret sT. between Edmunnd and Great Charles.


Staff member
edmund st from easy row..1963

Replacement image
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Super Moderator
Staff member
Does anyone know if this view is looking down Edmund St i.e. in the direction of Snow Hill? And was also wondering whose 'Stationery Office' this was .... Her Majesty's Stationery Office? Or another ... Viv.