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Eatonways Coaches (Hay Mills)


master brummie
G'day Chris.

Lovely (if hair-raising) story! So the "Battle Bus" had already been "in the wars" before it was sold on. I'm relieved no-one was hurt.

Neville Philpott

Would anyone know when Eatonways coaches started in business?


gone but not forgotten
They was in hobmoor road haymills in the sixties where there was a garage repairs bussines which is still there
They expanded across the road to there repairs and office on the front of there yard they used to do lorries and commercial vehicles
And before they took up the coach business they used to be booking agents for smiths coaches and tours whom coach. Business
Was on Stratford road before they started there business up just doing day trips at hob moor red hay mills. Astonian,,,,


master brummie
Hi All When we had a day trip to Rhyl Colwyn Bay or Skeggie in the late 40s early 50s we always went with Eatonways coaches. what is confusing me about this post is that i always thought that the booking office and coach park was on the Cov road by hay Mills Rec. I am sure we picked the coach up at the Swan Yardley and we had some great days out.


gone but not forgotten
Hi podgery
Yes the pick up was from the swann Yardley but there garage was back down the road from the swann on the hobmoor rd
Which was where they stored there couple of coaches and washed them down every night and cleaned them out
When they first started they opened there front office which was the garage office they started with one coach
Then they opened up a little shop up at the swann as it was more noticeable than the back rd of hobmoor road
If you recall Coventry red goe back down to the Redhill hill pub or if you like the hay mills social club by the way I was a member there at the club
Run by sqizzer and Mavis at the set of lights you would turn right and just along there was the garage and a tiny little office where they stuck the sign in the windows
Of day trips then they opened the booking office up at the swann
Incidently how I recall it I lived at 868 Coventry road just around the corner from them just before that name they was called some think els
But I cannot just think at the moment what was there first name I know they was a booking agent prior to getting there own coaches
As they would have been an agents for smiths on Stratford red best wishes astonian,,,,,


master brummie
Hi Astonian, my memory must be playing tricks on me, i seem to remember the coaches parked outside the offices by the rec but i must be mistaken.I lived in Arthur terrace off Arthur road which in turn came off Redhill road. I was too young to drink though while i lived there but I remember that Mr and Mrs Piles (who were neighbours) were regulars at the club. My dad used the Redhill. Hope you are well Podgery.


gone but not forgotten
Hi pod very
Yes I know the red very well because as I said I lived at 868 Coventry red prior to that I lived around in speedwell red number 66 the small
Speedwell road and my wife's aunty lived right next door to the corner shop on speedwell road and we was across on the opersite side of the road
Then we later moved around on to the cover, road 868, when the rooted car factory was there and after they went they built asda direct
Facing our house it was a nightmare I used to drink in the hobmoor as well and my old mate dhillion still lived on hobmoor
But betting back to the coaches they was around the corner parked up because as you went into hobmoor rd. That particular
Part of the red was a very narrow so with the two coaches they started off with could not be parked on the road
Because of causing problems with the flow there yard was only a small yard with a little small house type shop
When they first stated the coach business as they was doing big commercial business and lorrys of all size
And also they had problems trying to back the coaches into there little yard and at the end they could not fully get the coaches off the red
Into there yard so half a coach was blocking the red whilst they brought out there extented hose pipes that's why they was around the corner when not in in
Use and brough them to wash and clean them late at night into the early hours of the morning it was the only way they could do it
So they acciured another big yard later in with two years facing the old office and there yard and which they still operate a repair business to day I believe
If its not them it could be some one doing the vechille repairs as I. Ame through that way yesterday on my way home from the Sutton cemetery
As on my way there in the m 5 I was stook in a 2 hour que so I thought I would do a detour through brum but I was not impressed
Beast wishes astonian,,,,


master brummie
Thanks for the info Astonian, I remember the shop in Redhill road, at the timeitwas run by a Mr and Mrs Johnson. regards Podgery.