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Early Years


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My great-grandfather, Thomas Jayes (of Adelaide Street, Highgate), paid 15/- for the right to watch Aston Villa play in the 1887-8 Season. If he earned this in a week - as a shoe-finisher journeyman - I would be surprised. Rather than live with their father, four of his six children emigrated to America after the death of their mother, in 1906. My grandfather, George, and the youngest of his three sisters, Kate, stayed in Brum. In 1910 their father cut his throat to avoid a prison sentence for receiving stolen leather and died on the same day as Edward VII (6th May). George and his youngest son, another George, kept the scrap of paper safe until 2000, when George (Jnr.) died when, much to my surprise, I found - as his executor - the Season Ticket among his effects.av3.jpgav3.jpg
David Woodhead


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now that is what i all an amazing bit of football history and what a great sporting document you have their frothfellow..doubt very much if there are many of those floating around...thanks for sharing



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There is an account in the Birmingham Gazette, but I will not put it on the Forum unless you wish. If not, contact me through the Forum and I will send it.

It appears that he went to Court, but had been discharged.


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Looking for info about Villa in the year 1887 reveals an interesting story. In the January they played Hibernians at Easter Road and won 8-3 . At the end of the match one of the crowd attacked the Aston Villa "umpire.” In the fracas one Villa player punched a reporter who he thought had attacked the umpire. The crowd then surrounded the Villa player who was severely pummelled, and got a little share of the "family blackthorn."


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It looks like the season started in September. In the season 86/87 the record was Played 56, won 43,
lost 4, drawn 8.
This included a 14-1, a 13-0, and 11-0 win. He must have had value for money!