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Ear cleansing.

mike jenks

master brummie

Take my Dad regularly to Heartlands for de-waxing.
2 weeks prior he uses Olive Oil The hospital has a sucking
machine. From totally deaf with the use of a NHS hearing aid
which is very discreet his hearing is very good.
Up the NHS and the team at Heartlands

Mike Jenks


master brummie
I looked at this thread ywsterday and have been trying to remember a song by Spike Jones and his city Slickers ... About Grannys fly soap ,one of the verses says something like .."THEY PUT GRANNYS FLY SOAP IN HIS EARS , AND HE HASNT HEARD A THING IN YEARS ".... does anyone else remember it ?? ....Tom


I overheard two ladies this morning discussing earache. One recommended "cod-liver oil", I'm sure she meant olive oil!
(It brought back dreadful memories of Nan's bottle, it had three fishes on the front, capsules are more convenient.)


master brummie
A refresh for this thread:

and while you are reading the forum the title of this song sounds like a great idea. :D


master brummie
Several days of adding 2 or 3 drops of olive oil to the affected ear, twice or three times daily, followed by ear irrigation seems to be the recommended method used by our surgery. Warm water from a tank is pumped into the ear at a controlled rate. This flow rate can be increased and should loosen the wax so that it can easily be collected. It needs to be done by a nurse because there is a slight risk of damage to the ear drum is over-zealous flow rates or pressures are used. Dave.


master brummie
My dad reckoned he put some oil in his ears, to remove the coal dust, from the fish and chip shop. When he went deaf he got Docter Sudki to flush it out and out came four chips and a piece of plaice. I believed it for years. Regards, david.

We used to see Dr Sudki...he must have been 100 when he retired !