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Did you know any of these from Great Lister street in the 40s:shock:
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hello my grandmother and father were named kane and lived gt lister street around that time, dont know if they were the same family you are looking for, my grandmother was martha, she had three sons john(jack), michael, pat and a daughter mary.


knowlegable brummie
hi there babbyboo the kanes i knew where Bill (William ) and Mabel i cannot remember the names of there children we all livid up a yard address was 5/108 Gt Lister street


philip duffy

Hi my Grand mother was Edith Agnes Kanne (1902-1992) she married Denis Duffy(1903-1943) origionaly she lived in Shadwell street behind St.Chadds cathederal.Her parents were Michael Kane (1881-1920) and Emma Crannage (1881-1973) .She had brothers Michael,William,John(Jack),Patrick,Thomas and a sister Emma .Dennis Duffy's farther was James Duffy (1868-1921) a military man and his mother was Catherine McTighe (1875-1920) dont know if any of this helps .


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Only just joined this site and excited to find this post. My mom's family were Talbot, my dad's Walker and my aunt, Theay.
I realise the original post is 12 years old but I ask in hope.