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Dudley Zoo


master brummie
I went to Dudley Zoo once with my friend and her sister, probably 50 yeas ago, she was sick in the car and all over me. I had an itchy tweed suit with short trousers. She had marmite sandwiches. I remember a castle ruin in the zoo I think. Geoffrey and Grace the giraffes, what a memory! Mum and dad couldn't afford the elephant ride either or the bactrian camel with 2 humps. The saddle was in between the humps. They had lots of barbary sheep, I gave one my ham batch It didn't occur to me sheep were vegetarian. Nico


New Member
Could probably arrange that at some point Adrian, I'm back up in the Midlands on a fairly regular basis. I'll get some posted here and then we can take it from there. Is your interest purely hobby ?



proper brummie kid
Hi Andy

That would be great and yes my interest is purely hobby and I love doing it, I have currently got a list of most of the species kept at the zoo since it opened so some of your pictures may help with this project as well because it's great to know which enclosure had what species in and when
Hope to meet up one day



Phil Price

master brummie
In the early 1950's I had an Aunt that lived in London and once a year she came to stay with us for a few days. I remember going to New Street station (the 'fine old building in Stephenson Street') and waiting at the top of the platform stairs for her to arrive. First sight of her I would run to her and say, Hello Auntie Elsie, can we go to Duggely Zoo? We used to go to the Zoo by bus from Bartley Green and it was always a 'proper' day out. I was always excited about going on the train
Happy memories :eek:)


I've been trying to remember days out when I was little!
Dudley Zoo seemed like the other side of the world and seemed to take forever on the "Midland Red" from the King's Head. The main memory is waiting to go up into the Castle and someone dropped an icecream over the wall and it just missed me! I lingered too long by the lions and got a good telling off from Nan, I was fascinated at the huge bones they were being fed. We couldn't afford the Elephant Ride but I probably would have been seasick.


gone but not forgotten
Hi Rosie
We used to travel on the old midland red bus from great Charles. Street Birmingham which was where the terminus used to be
And it was the b. 87 bus that came down from great Charles street coming through thr rough the parade which later became summer hill
In years later on after the demolition and slum clearance and through spring hill up the dudley red andsmethwick
And passing the old red cow. Pub that used to be very busy in those days ,does anybody know whether that red cow is still standing today
Always walked up through the old castle never took the chair lift always left it for my brothers and wait for them to come up
Same as going down I would run down I used to like the big huge rang atang ape he was fun to watch
Good old days Rosie growing up the old saying is men are little boys but not in my case but I do not think I would like to put the clock now
In this day ,

Best wishes Alan astonian,,,,,,


master brummie
I wonder when the B 87 (and presumably the other B routes 80 - 87) changed departure point from Edmund Street? On the couple of occasions I went to Dudley Zoo I took the 74 from Snow Hill as I had not previously done that route.


gone but not forgotten
Hi Alan,
If my memory serves me correctly it was changed around the mid sixtys to early 70 when they moved them all to snow hill
In those days there was two bus routes to dudley zoo I always took the b 87 the old middle red as I thought it was straight run
To the zoo where as the 74 it done a detour found through hockly brook
There was a series of changed bus terminus,s there in fact also the 85.86 and another couple of busses all started to operate there many years ago out side the watch and jewlers shop and the coffee house next to the old snow hill station in those days even the old 95 bus route to down through
Hockley ingestion street lodge rd up heath street and terminated at the clock at the junction of northbrook. Street
And out side another little coffee shop what the drivers filled there jerry cans for tea and a fag there used to be a little chip shop there as well
These are the family of the frying pan chipie that are now around the corner of dudley road today facing my old local
The Lee bridge tavern the same family again today whom own it the frying own have just bought along side of the pan a Pitta shop
And also have just openened up a chicken shack shop in Sutton Coldfield area months ago
John the father of the family did buy one next to the BBC many years ago then refurbished it and sold it on and came back to dudley red
Chris ran a chippie next to the summer field park many years ago Chris he died and his son took over
And sold it off and now lives in a chippie bussines at sisefield rd kingsnorton. Best wishes astonian,,,,,,


(Hi Alan, I don't want to go off topic but the Red Cow has been refurbished, have a look at the "Smethwick" thread.)

At the Zoo I remember going on the chair-lift and seeing animals below, I wasn't frightened of heights then. There was a train/roundabout for children too. I loved the monkeys but I gather they weren't very happy then.


gone but not forgotten
Hi Rosie
Many thanks for your reply I do not think you went off the topic it was I wanted to know whether or not it was still standing as I have not been that way for near on fifty years so I thought I would pop that question to anybody could tell ya or name it was still standing as in my hey day that was one of our drinking dens
But I was referreing to the zoo myself as I used to take my kids there many years later in life
And may I add my first adventure to that zoo was when I was in the junior school of steward street Ladywood when there was a Mrs Jones and a couple of teachers took us there for the day and we went on the b 87 bus passing the old.red. cow and later in my youth a couple of my old friends and unfortunelatey
As died but the other kid is still alive and kicking and of course myself trapped up to the cow at week ends
But still thanks again for answering my question best wishes astonian,,,,,,


knowlegable brummie
If my memory serves me well was there some type of ski slope to the right as you went through the gates


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Staff member
Here's a short video about the return of the chairlift at Dudley Zoo a couple of years ago. Before the first chairlift in 1958 I remember the steep hill where it
is located was covered in trees and bushes. Haven't been for a few years but have happy memories both as a child and taking my own children for visits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFmyG8OahHI


master brummie
Thanks Dave. I haven't been to Dudley Zoo since the 1950s. Wasn't their slogan "There's lots to see and do when you come to Dudley Zoo"? Dave.

Dave M

Pheasey Born Bumper
Thanks Dave. I haven't been to Dudley Zoo since the 1950s. Wasn't their slogan "There's lots to see and do when you come to Dudley Zoo"? Dave.
Dave will have to pass on that,,,,,,




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Staff member
When I visited the Black country museum a few weeks ago I asked what was happening to the left as you come out of the entrance into the museum. Apparently it is a new entrance for schoolchildren parties, but also will be used when they introduce a new joint ticket for normal visitors who want to visit both the zoo and the museum


Ex-pat Brummie

I loved Dudley Zoo when I was young and went many times with my parents, although to be honest, the Castle held my interest more than the animals. It was probably earlier than 1954 when I last visited as by May 1955 I was doing my National Service and I certainly didn't go after I got demobbed.


paul stacey

master brummie
I remember it just like that Eddie, though younger than you it was still the same in 1957, when I first went, great camera shots too. I was still going there on leave from the army, with my pal Alan Fisher from Hilltop, West Brom. Paul