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Dudley rd police station


gone but not forgotten
hi guys
i went up winson green afew days ago and i drove up the dudley rd
and to my amazements the old dudley rd police station is up for grabbs
the boards is up and its for sale ; i had to look twice
the old c, division for sale ;times are getting harder folks
eventualy we will have no cops on the beat
and i thought to myself i had better get on the tom -toms to our
inspecter willoby and tell him if he wants that bike back out of the shed
he had better get up there sharpist
if only the cells could ta;lk the old lads from around there will be glad to the back of if so if any of our photograhers out there want the pics
they had better get there sharpist before hey demolish it
good evening all and mind how you go ;best wishes astonion ;;


ladywood lass
i did tell you how it had changed astonian hasnt it gone a mess bet you nipped in the fryong pan ha ha hope your well havent seen keith yet but i will do my best to describe you to him he may think ive lost the plot ha ha anyway my dear hope your well and life is treating you good best wishes katy boo xx


gone but not forgotten
hi katy
top of the morning to ya; yes i was taken quite back to see how the old area as gone down the pan
and by the way i did pop into the frying pan to see the family but i did not see steve there
and i was surprized to see how they expanded the shop from the years before they are a good family
i just could not beleive what i was seeing the old rea being delapated what a shock
do you know if patty ward still around do you know whether she married her one time boy friend
patrick from down the green i think it was carlyie st facing the smiths arms
nice guy patrick he was another friend of mine
i am glad i made the right decision in not taking on the club .in barford rd for the fact of
seeing the envoironment of today ; as i hav prviuosly stated it was knowing virtualy every body i the club
and i told my mrs ; no we aint takeing it , because i know them all every room i the club was full of people
from the area was drinking in there and they would expect me to give them afters
but also the accomadation was desperatel dire and unexceptional to bring the family into it to live
but what a shock to the sysem ; wow ;
katy have a nice day best wishesto you and your sister ; alan ;


master brummie
The Police haven't moved out of the area, they are just back from the crossroads towards the Texico garage in a brand new (bigger) police station.


ladywood lass
the police station was apparently going to be used as the park keepers lodge and the reason the wheatsheaf was pulled down was to widen the road and make a mini roundabout the wheatsheaf fell into a state of disrepair as it had gone way down hill in the last few years dodleyroad police station was then rebuilt on the old site of flint tower which was demolished so two places of my life where i had some good ttimes and memories eradicated the station is now about a 100 yards on the left hand side of icknield port road as you come up winson green road and is no longer known as dudley road police station but summerrfield police station and believe it or not the opening times of of this new costly building are atrocious


master brummie
hi all
im from the green well the bottom end opposit handsworth new rd school well its not a school anymore its apartments
i often go home to the green and yes i agree the whole area has fallen into a state which is ashame because the green was a fab place to live


gone but not forgotten
hi celia
you are quite right in saying that it was a great place to live around no matter where you went on your travels from here to john ogrates lands end
and when people asked you where you live or from and you told them winson green ; they would always heard of it and asked you what its like around there
i always regarded that part of the green as respectable down towards the handsworth new rd towards the school
i recently drove up that way and even deliverd milk around there in the fifties so i know the two sides of the coin so to speak
and i thought gosh what a state it as become but when i got up by the nicl [ the police station i just could not beleive my eyes
why as the council let it go in the way it as gone
they are great people and great familys around that top end well in fact even the bottom end as you say it was a great place to come from
i know there is alot of familys have moved out but a great lot of the old familys are till knockung about and useing the barford rd club
and a gret lot of them are now useing the ladywood club which is great
so yes celia ; they was the days my friend as mary hoping used to sing on the old juke box in the lee bridge taveren pub
have a great day best wishes astonion ;;