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Dream kitchen


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:angel: I agree O0 mike-g , thought it was just here in NZ that they were smaller :2funny:

Chris :angel:


gone but not forgotten
I've been trying to think what that piccie reminds me of. It's not one of the one's Bill Brandt took of Bourneville is it postie? I remember seeing a collection he did comparing life in the older houses to the new modern ones in Bourneville.


master brummie
I remember just after we were married my Canadian wife and I were over for a visit and we stopped at a restaurant on the M1 for a bite to eat. My wife marvelled at the size of the teapot that the serving lady had at the counter. It was huge and she had to be strong to lift it. On the counter in front of her was a large metal tray with rows of tea cups on it. She looked bemused as my wife giggled when she ran down the rows of cups with the spout filling every cup with one tilt. To that point my wife had only been used to a single tea bag in a stainless teapot. Oh and  merely warm water. It,s a rare North American restaurant that understands tea even now.