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Downings Mystery


master brummie
Hi to everyone,
My grandad David Downing 1868-1956 was listed on the electoral roll for 1957 living at the address of my late aunt and uncle Edward Arthur Slaney and Patricia Sarah Slaney nee Downing. The address was 134 Great Tindal Street Ladywood.
I stayed at this address when I was very young most weekends. Suspicious my mother and father were trying to get rid of me but that's another story.
We moved house from Heath Street Winson Green in 1954, this was David Downings house but I don't remember him being there when we left, I was only 7 years old at the time so I think he went to live with his daughter Patricia Slaney at Great Tindal Street. This is where the mystery comes in, he died in Western Road sanatorium on the 7th January 1956. The electoral roll was done in the January of 1957, or was it done before the date on the roll?
Any answers to this mystery would be very much appreciated.


master brummie
I thought e rolls registered in October for publication in the following year. So it is a mystery. Unless of course no one removed him from the roll.


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I am not sure of the process then, but today you are sent a paper with present occupants and asked to return confirming and with additions and alterations. If someone did not return the form I assume that the entry would remain unaltered


master brummie
When I've been doing family research I've come across this quite a bit- whereby although the person had previously died they still show on the following years electoral register. The process must have been one where this could easily occur.


Ex-pat Brummie

The Electoral registration form is generally completed in the October of the year before - does that help or hinder?

Maurice :cool:


master brummie
I would like to thank all the members of the team for their help with my enquiry, it helped me to understand how David Downing could still be on the electoral roll after his death.
The address 134 Great Tindal Street featured in an earlier post, someone was enquiring about a house number in Great Tindal Street, not 134 but a picture on that post explaining where this particular number was showed amongst other things 134, and in front of this house was my Uncle Arthurs Austin Sheerline, at least I think thats the name of it. We spent a lot of our evenings in the back of that car, obviously talking about politics and the state of the world. Luckily Uncle Arthur never locked it and left us to our own devices.Slaney house and car.jpg