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Dorothy Annie COYNE, looking for descendants


master brummie
I am trying to find my Uncles missing family.
He was born in 1939 to Dorothy Annie Coyne and was adopted by my Nan, a short time after.
Dorothy as far as I can tell was born 30 Jan 1900 to John and Ellen Coyne.
Her siblings in 1901 were possibly Frank, Harry, Herbert, Arthur, May and Edith.
I have a marriage certificate for Dorothy to a William Crockett aged 54 of Erdington in 1943 and I believe they had a daughter Sylvia in 1944..
My Uncle would dearly love to find out if he has living blood relatives, so if anyone has any further information, I would be glad to receive it here or by pm
Many Thanks in antisipation


master brummie
I just have to say, that despite my posting the above query just over 2 years ago, it has recently brought about the most wonderful result...
...A lovely Sister for my Uncle :encouragement: I am absolutely over the moon..

Thank you BHF xxx


Staff member
oh lindy that is wonderful news for all the family especially your uncle...so pleased for you all

lyn x


master brummie
Thanks jennyann and lyn, it's only taken 74 years, but as they say, "better late than never"...or should that be "all good things come to those who wait" !!
They have a lot of catching up to do :peaceful:


Staff member
well i think its just wonderful and what a christmas they will both have..:encouragement:


Super Moderator
Staff member
What a brilliant Christmas present and what a lovely thing you have done for your uncle Lindyloo.


master brummie
Thanks again lyn :encouragement: and thank you Alberta :encouragement:
I am living in hope now that someone from "Sylvia's" side of the family will see my message one day and then there will be two sisters !!
I have a trail I could follow for Sylvia, but I know that one has to tread very carefully in these cases and it is possibly better left to a professional intermediary, but if Sylvia or a relation of hers does join the Forum and happens to see my post then that would be wonderful.


New Member
Hi Lindyloo,
I have just been sent this thread by a relative who is helping me track down my mother. It is possible that Dorothy Annie Coyne is my grandmother (and therefore you are my cousin) as, so far, we have arrived at her name but from there the trail gets a bit sketchy.
Rather than bore you with all the details here, can I ask if you would be happy to email me. I can then send you where we've got to. As you posted this a long time ago I'm hoping you will have a load more details than us.
I have traced a cousin via a DNA hit from MyHeritage but she is struggling to get beyond her mother, a Mary Moore, who we think is one of Dorothy Annie Coyne's (many) children too - it appears that Dorothy was exceptionally fertile!

If you are happy to contact me my email address is [email protected]
Thanks for reading this anyway