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Dolls Hospital

Lynda Harvey

Brummie Born and Bred
Does anyone remember the Dolls Hospital? I think it was on the Lichfield Road on the corner of Victoria Road, but I may be wrong. Many of my dolls went there to have the head put back on , or an arm, poor things. Those were the days when items were mended, not just replaced. Its strange how sometimes these days its cheaper to buy a new one. But back then, and especially with something like dolls, they were precious to us, and couldn't be replaced. Time has changed so much.


gone but not forgotten
hi linda
yes if my memory serves me right it was just pass the victoria rd
going towards the station when waking down the lichfield rd crossing
the victoria rd church lane was on your left and ilsley coal yard you could
but right on that very corner was a car sales so you passed that and i think

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Lynda there was one there but the one I remember the most was by W. Cannings. My dad used to repair watches and mom used to fetch the parts from the shop next door to that doll's hospital. I can't remember the name of the watch repairers though. It will come back when I am not thinking. Bye. Jean.


Nice thread Lynda. I remember my Mom used to take my doll's to Walsall to be repaired. I think it may have been someone on Walsall market. I can remember the thrill of having them back good as new.
One of my favorite Christmas presents was an outfit my Mom made for my doll a beautiful dress Georgian style with a net over skirt and edged with flower braid. Then a velvet coat with hand muff and hat. She told me years later that she made them from an old dress and an old velvet curtain.........this just made them even more special. I wish I still had them but I will never forget!


The Fairybrain of Brum
our local dolls hospital was on Monument Rd..I had a doll that you pulled a string on the back and as the string went back in the doll would speak..pulled the string off one day ..took her to the dolls hospital and mom never had the money to get her back out

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
My dolls eye popped out one day and had to be fixed back in. Health and safety would not allow dolls to be sold with eyes or bits and bobs that come loose that easily these days. Maggie I had a doll with a string at the back and when you pulled it it slowly went in and spoke. My rag doll never made it to the hopital as mom threw it on the fire and made me watch it burn. She caught me playing with matches and it was a punishment for my own safety. I told Betty my next door neighbour and I was crying when I saw moms sad face behind the net curtain. Think she fealt so guilty. Mind you I don't remember playing with matches after that. Bye. Jean.


gone but not forgotten
hi jean
can you recall the trade off licence that used to be around that part
it occupied to sides of the road you used to drive in they sold the barrels
and cfates and spirits at whole sale prices i think the office was the same
side as the dolls office and the office side kept the spirits and kegs ,and drums , and cases the other side on the lichfield rd around the early years right up until 1950,s at least . i also recall the watch repairier my mother took her watch in there a litle swish watch cannot remember how much she paid the jewler for the repair do you remember the penny farthing bike that was always out side the shop
it was a giant one was,nt it how on earth did they climb on that and ride it ,beats me best wishes astonian ..;;;;

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Astonian do you refer to the watch repairer on Litchfield road only my friend lived there. Her name was Patsy Sintaver. Not sure about the spelling. Just remembered the one by W. Canning and the other dolls hospital it was Fishers. I used to go with mom to fetch dad parts for his watch repairs. Jean.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Astonian please forgive me but I don't remember anything to do with the sale of ale or spirits. Sorry. Jean.


gone but not forgotten
hi jean
it was only yards from the watch repairers shop
it was a whole sale out let to the trade
i never thought for one minute you worked there can you not remember it
i cannot remember the name of the companpay thats why i am asking you
i know you did not sell it co,s you drink it like me
best wishes astonian ;;

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Astonian in those days I didn't drink alcohol maybe because my mom and dad didn't. No comment about now!!!!!!. You won't believe this but I was in my fourties before I enjoyed a drink and that was when I took up ten pin bowling again. Thirsty work. Pete's gone to bed but I will ask him about what you were on about because four brothers could sup. TTFN. Jean.


Born a Brummie
I think I remember my Grandad taking a doll of mine to a Doll's hospital along Alum Rock way................or are my little grey cells misleading me?


Super Moderator
Staff member
Rowan, my husband tells me there was one on Alum Rock road,right opposite Parkfield Road.
He knows this because when he poked the eyes out on his sisters dolls they were taken there.


master brummie
The Doll's Hospital I remember was by the Central Fire Station, either Lancaster Street or Stafford Street. I never had a really nice crock doll as none were available during the war, so mine just had a crock head and hands and stuffed bodies. When I was very small my older sister (ten years older) had a lovely double jointed doll and I took it out to play without permission and one of my friends twirled round with it in her arms and smashed it - oh what trouble I was in.

I always hoped for a grandaughter to spoil with the best and most expensive dolls available - but it wasn't to be, and I doubt it will happen now.


master brummie
I have to sympathise with your sister Sylvia. I had a crock doll it was second hand, passed on to me by a neighbours daughter. I loved her, she was the only dolly I ever had, and I called Rhonda Karen. An aunt who could knitted her the most lovely outfits, coat, dress, bootees, hat, and mits. My naughty little sister, ten years my junior, decided she would carry Rhonda Karen downstairs when she was still a babby herself. The noise she made falling down the stairs and my doll smashing to bits on the way, is with me still.


master brummie
Di, I expect my sister felt the same as you, all I remember is that her doll was dressed in a christening type long dress, and the girl who dropped her, won't mention her name, it had rained and we were playing in her entry.


Gone, but not forgotten.
I don't know much about dolls only that they can be very expensive these days. I have one daughter two granddaughters and one great granddaughter so I speak from financial experience, but to get back to the thread.

In my 1950's copy of Kelly's directory there are no Dolls Hospitals listed, but under Doll Manufacturers we find these.

Hirst Miss Mary Edith (repr.), 25
Aston st 4
Hislop P. M. 220 Broad st 15
Kika Products, 53 Jamaica row 5
Leggett Mrs. Kathin. (repr.), 378
Alum Rock rd 8

Hope this is of some help.