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does anyone recognise someone in this pic of my mum and her work mates?


master brummie
Hi I've been sorting out my parent's stuff and came across this pic of my mum at work. I think it was probably in the 60/70s.

She worked at Linreads in St Paul's Square around that time and I thought I would post the pic in case someone on here recognises any of her work mates and maybe could name the place. Mum is second on the left.

mum at work in the 60s or 70s.jpg


Staff member
what a smashing photo bewdley...my mom used to do outwork from linreads....thanks for sharing it with us



master brummie
Hi, I started at Linreads in '76, the lady third from the left looks like Betty Barnes but I would think that this photo is more likely from the 60's looking at the lady's hair style second from the right.