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Dodds Family Tree Help


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on his marr cert hes down as a polisher and his dad is down as ironlate worker



master brummie
As Maurice's post #8 1939 eve of ww2 register Josephine gives her dob as 6 June 1896.

I have found two births in Belfast one on 7 June 1893 the other 18 April 1898 and the marriage between Josephine Kane aged 21 and Albert Dodds aged 18.

Josephine Dodds on the 1939 Register
Dodds Household (4 People)7 St Lukes Square, St Lukes Road , Birmingham C.B., Warwickshire, England
Josephine Dodds 06 Jun 1896 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 272 1
Patrick Dodds 23 Feb 1922 Male ??? Single 272 2
Agnes Dodds (Margill) 08 Dec 1921 Female Mattness Assembler Single 272 4
Elizabeth Dalsell 06 Oct 1901 Female Mattness Assembler Married 272 5

Their marriage took place at St Matthews RC church Belfast on 12 July 1914 Josephine's age is 21 so born 1893. Josephine's father's name on the marriage certificate is Patrick occupation labourer. Albert's father is Albert occupation seaman, (my own Belfast grandfather was a seaman too, I wonder if they knew each other) witnesses were Frank and Elizabeth Magee.

It's worth searching on https://geni.nidirect.gov.uk/ for NI Ancestors you join and pay a small fee from which they deduct credits per search, but their records give you so much information.

I have copied the three records I found for you, they cost me 1 credit each (50p) so well worth the cost and if you want to look at the actual record it only costs 5 credits (£2.50) much cheaper than what we have to pay (how I got the marriage info)!

Registration number Forename of child Surname of child Date of birth Sex of child Mother's maiden name Registration district
U/1893/57/1007/56/233 Josephine Kane 7th June 1893 Female O'Hale Belfast(pre-1973 Q4)

Registration number Forename of child Surname of child Date of birth Sex of child Mother's maiden name Registration district
U/1898/51/1007/46/191 Josephine Kane 18th April 1898 Female McArdle Belfast(pre-1973 Q4)

Registration number Forename Surname Surname of partner Date of marriage Registration district
M/1914/B1/2336/6/27 Josephine Kane Dodds 12th July 1914 Belfast

If you want to go back further there are a lot of RC parish records online https://registers.nli.ie./parishes/0393 which is St Matthews, Belfast but you can change the area and search the registers.

Good luck Josie aka bewdley
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master brummie
I've found a marriage between Patrick Kane, soldier of full age and Mary Catherine O'Hale, who I think are Josephine's parents. They married at St Matthews Belfast on July 2nd 1893.

M/1893/B1/2336/1/2 Patrick Kane O'Hale 2nd July 1893 Belfast