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Do You Have Any Up To Date Pics Of Your Pets


master brummie
Not mine, but one of my grandsons "Jack" with a pheasant who decided to go live with them in December and is still living happily there with the rest of their livestock.View attachment 143735
Where I used to keep my horse we'd get inundated with pheasants when it was shooting season. They must have known that it was safe with the horses as people couldn't shoot there.


master brummie
Are you sure that your Avatar is you, and not your grandchild ?!

Thanks for pointing that out Mike I've never noticed the likeness before, but you're right there is a similarity and I was 8 when my pic was taken and Holly will be 8 this month.

I'll find my pic out and show it to her; I wonder what she'll say?

Everyone thinks she looks like my daughter, her aunt. Her brother Jack also in the pic takes after his mum's side of the family.

Genes are amazing.


master brummie
This is my Bella - then and now. Found her dumped at the road side back in 2008 - just a 5 month old pup! Took to local dog pound, she wasn't claimed & we were lucky to be able to adopt her. She is now 12 yrs old and just brilliant. Mind you at 40kg she is big even for a german shepherd but has a lovely nature.

You named her well she really is beautiful.


master brummie
This is my dog, pointer Joe. I have had an English Pointer before, but this one is very energetic. He does not do slow.
Agree - if I meet Mort and Joe on their way to the field we don't chat - if they stop Joe cries to keep going. If they are on their way home we get a quick chat. :D