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Dirk Bogarde


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Dirk Bogardes father was Ulric J G Bogaerde(correct spelling) he was born in 1892 in 1901 he is living with his Grandmother in Bexhill
His father was Aime van den Bogaerde born Belgium and his mother Grace nee Clarke,they are living in Walsall road/Rocky lane (from the 1891 census entry somewhere near the junction) classed in census as
so this may be where Ulric was born.

A Sparks

master brummie
I read his autobiography books in the late 70's and I remember he mentioned Perry Barr in the first book 'Postillion Struck by Lightening'
Was very surprised to read his family came from Birmingham, let alone that area, as I am originally from there myself!


master brummie
I think the Rocky lane/Walsall rd area was Perry barr (I was also born and lived in this area) and Great barr started by the Clifton cinema. The top end of Rocky lane would probably have been Handsworth as I think Hampstead road was classed as Handsworth. Never new anyone as famous as Dirk Bogarde came from near me only Martin Shaw who used to go to Great Barr Comp.